Panera Bread has mastered omni channel marketing.


Panera Delivery has successfully made the shift to omnichannel marketing with the help of Panera 2.0. The pressure that is being put on merchants of every stripe to deliver has never been higher than it is now, as customers continue to anticipate that digital solutions will be integrated into virtually every facet of their lives.

The American Bakery-Café

Because of this, the American bakery-cafe fast-casual food giant Panera Promo Code has been making some significant changes in recent years to restructure its operations. Panera Bread has traditionally taken great pride in providing high levels of customer service, which the company refers to as Panera warmth.

The Panera Bread Experience

However, in 2010, CEO Ron Shaich began to come to the realization that there was a significant component of the Panera Delivery experience in which customers were being disappointed. To be more specific, the lengthy lines and wait times that occur during peak hours, particularly lunchtime.

40% And 45% Of Client Orders

In spite of the fact that between 40% and 45% of client orders placed at outlets were for takeout, the corporation began to accept that all customers were being handled as if they were eating in the establishment. Our Panera Delivery system was a one-size-fits-all approach. According to what Shaich remarked in an article published by Fortune in 2014, Everyone came in and went in the same line, whatever their requirements were.

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Panera Bread Started Rolling Out

In the same year, Panera Delivery started rolling out their digital solution to the problem in all of their stores across the country. The program, which will be known as Panera 2.0, will involve the integration of a number of technologies, including those for digital ordering, payments, and operations. With it, the company was finally able to start differentiating the experience of customers who ordered food to go and guests who dined in the restaurant, and it was able to provide a more potent customisation program for all consumers.

The Launch Of The Program

In a press release issued to coincide with the launch of the program, Shaich was quoted as saying, Panera Delivery 2.0 is an investment in the customer enabled by technology and powered by operational excellence. It’s not only a mobile payment system or a digital ordering procedure; it’s much more than that.

An Integrated All-Encompassing

It is an integrated, all-encompassing, end-to-end solution that we hope will reduce friction such as wait times, increase order accuracy, and minimize or eliminate crowding, all while offering a platform for a more individualized and customized experience.

A Better Guest Experience

Panera 2.0 was piloted for the first time in the greater Boston area in the year 2011, and after receiving positive feedback, it was rapidly rolled out to an additional 15 Panera Delivery cafés in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The Company’s Website And Mobile App

In 2013, the firm began testing fast lane kiosks in a few of its locations. These kiosks, in addition to the company’s website and mobile app, allowed consumers to make their order using tablets that were posted on the wall inside the Panera Delivery store.

Comprehensively Integrated Solution

In the years that followed, this comprehensively integrated solution would eventually be implemented in almost all of the almost 450 restaurants that are company-owned Panera Delivery. And the increase in sales that has transpired as a direct result has been remarkable.

Sales Of $2.8 Billion In 2016

Panera Delivery had sales of $2.8 billion in 2016, and it has just reported sales of $727.63 million for the first quarter of 2017 this is a growth of 6.2% compared to the same time in the previous year. Importantly, the proportion of total sales accounted for by digital transactions in Panera Bread bakery cafés has risen to an astonishing 24%, up from 16% in 2015.

Showing A Growing Preference

Customers are, in point of fact, showing a growing preference for solutions that can be completed quickly and digitally. According to our point of view, we are effectively going into an omnichannel world. As we built out 2.0, it really is a better experience for our guests, Shaich said in an interview with CNBC the previous year.

Express Pickup To Personalized Ordering

Panera 2.0 operates on the principle of having many access points. Customers who are picking up their orders can do so in advance through the mobile app or website of the company, where they can also choose a pick-up location and time for their order.

Proceed To The Designated Area

Upon arrival, they proceed to the designated area, where a monitor displays the current order status and notifies them whether the meal is finished being made and is ready to be served or is still being prepared. Customers who want to eat in or take their food to go have the option of using the touch-screen tablets that are now accessible at the restaurants to make their orders.

Combined Solution For Speedy Pick-Up

If they prefer, they can also continue to place their orders in the traditional manner by doing so at the register. This combined solution for speedy pick-up is having the expected impact, which is to reduce the number of customers waiting in line and to enhance their overall experience. In point of fact, the fact that everything is synchronized flawlessly with the Panera Delivery rewards program is one of the coolest and most convenient features for consumers who opt for the digital alternative.

Information Recorded In Order

Customers who like to customize their orders (which about half of them do) will have this information recorded in their order history. This means that customers will only need to customize their orders once, and they will be able to select those specific orders more quickly in the future. This is because customers will only need to customize their orders once, and the information will be saved.

Do You Have Any Idea

Do you have any idea how long it takes me to say, I want this salad, but without cheese, without dressing, and without the option to choose a side? The statement was made by Blaine Hurst, who serves as Executive Vice President of Technology and Transformation for Panera Bread. The initiative cuts the total time it takes to place an order by five seconds. This may not seem like a significant reduction, but when multiplied hundreds of times throughout the course of a single day


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