10 Highest Paying Supply Chain Jobs In The World


The supply chain manager attempts to limit shortages while keeping costs low. The job isn’t just about purchasing inventory and logistics.
According to Salary.com the supply chain manager “oversees and manages the whole logistics and supply chain to optimize efficiency and reduce the costs of a company’s supply chain.”

Supply chain managers are employed in various industries like aerospace, manufacturing defense, energy, and more. They are employed by both small and large companies.
A typical illustration of the job of a supply chain manager could be to find the most affordable price and the best quality components of a consumer item such as an iPhone.
The supply chain administrator may manage operations, for example, the management of the processes of shipping and warehousing.

What is the role of an un-supply chain executive?

A Supply Chain Manager is required to oversee the following aspects:

  • Develop and implement the supply chain strategy overall.
  • Work with the Deals, Operations, and Client Benefit teams.
  • Find the key supply chain KPIs
  • Provide suggestions for improvements to the process.
  • Find process bottlenecks and then implement solutions in a timely manner
  • Test and train others
  • Offer constructive feedback
  • In collaboration with sales, finance, and manufacturing to select the top distributors and vendors
  • Establish and maintain positive relations with vendors.

What is the pay of a supply chain manager?

According to Glassdoor the annual wage range for a supply chain manager is between $44,000 and $85,000, with the average being $61,915.
There are plenty of bonuses in this industry. When you add bonuses to your job, the average salary for an executive in the supply chain is $99,000, with high-performing employees earning even more.


The prospects for these jobs have been and will continue to be positive as the business world expands globally.
After all that Let’s look at the highest-paying work in supply chains.

What are the highest-paying supply chain employments in the world?

Here are a few of the most lucrative supply chain opportunities which you may not be aware of:

  • Vice President Supply Chain Management
  • Logistics Manager
  • Configuration Analyst
  • Senior Level Landman
  • Supply Chain Consultant
  • Director of the Distribution Center
  • Business Operations Specialist
  • Fleet Manager
  • Procurement Agent
  • Logistics Coordinator

1. Vice-President, supply chain management:

As vice president in the Supply Chain Management industry, you have the right to oversee the activities of the other departments of the business within the supply chain industry.

Thus, you’re entitled to an average wage of $155,118.


2. Logistics manager:

The function of the logistics manager, as the title suggests is to take charge of providing the best service and the development of the logistics industry of any supply chain company.

This means that you can access an average salary of $104,827.

3. Configuration analyst:

In engineering, an engineer, a configuration analyst is responsible for managing modifications to technical documents used by high-tech equipment. They’re usually accountable for the prompt finalization of significant projects within budgetary guidelines.

In addition, this position is a requirement for both logistical expertise and relevant technical knowledge in the particular industry.


It’s a quick path to an administrative post, that comes with the responsibility of creating standards and protocols by which intricate engineering procedures could be modified (as opposed to making modifications).

If you are a configuration analyst you can anticipate earning a median pay of over $120,000 annually.

4. Senior level landman:

The pre-administrative position this position pays an average salary of $115,000 annually. It is focused on land rights, such as the current owner of the land of interest and their ability to lease or purchase.

A Landman is also responsible for negotiating land use agreements use and extraction of precious resources.


At the highest level, this position offers the guarantee of conformity with the relevant government agencies. This is about halfway up the ladder, with further stages that involve a greater salary and more responsibility.

5. Supply chain consultant:

The next on our top 10 list of the highest-paying job opportunities in supply chains is Supply chain Consultant. This is a position that is an expert in the subject of the JDA system. It also acts as the liaison between the system and IT.

He/she is additionally capable of partnering/supporting the usage and integration of the system enterprise-wide, and after that for ceaseless frameworks advancements.

Additionally, an expert in the supply chain provides advice and education to business customers about the functions of the system.


A Supply Chain Consultant should be analytical and have good data mining skills in order to search for the connections between various parameters, and present/validate results. Supply chain consultants earn an annual salary of $81,000.

6. The distribution center manager:

In the ideal scenario, distribution firms do not move products from one location to B directly. Instead, they go through hubs, which manage and manage the process.

They require an understanding of materials handling and logistics. They could manage a range of businesses.

The manager of a distribution center ensures that everything is organized on-site and is also responsible for daily operations at the facility. It’s a challenging but rewarding job, with an expected starting salary of around $80,000 annually.

7. Business operations specialist:

This career path encompasses an array of jobs and knowledge sets, any of which is enhanced by the presence of a solid operational emphasis.


An expert in business operations could be responsible for planning business strategies, collaborating with customs officials for an international company, implementing security standards, or auditing the effectiveness of a company’s sustainability programs.

If you have a related degree in logistics and a career as an operations specialist, professionals will be able to expect an annual pay of $74,000 or more annually.


8. Fleet manager:

A fleet manager is employed by a shipping company that is commercially managing the scheduling and maintenance that concern the business’s motor vehicle fleet and making sure that they are in compliance with all Department of Transportation regulations.

Instead of being involved, the manager of the fleet is mostly administrative, ensuring that each driver gets there where they are supposed to be on the proper time.

Skills in the area of logistics are required to be successful in this job A relevant degree can assist in achieving a salary that is around 71,000 dollars per annum.


9. Procurement agent:

Procurement agents purchase products and services for companies to make use of or sell. They assess vendors, negotiate contracts, and assess the quality of the products. They take home an annual income of $68,000.

10. Logistics coordinator:

Not to be left out among our lists of the highest-paid supply chain jobs Logisticians oversee and manage the supply chain of an organization, which is the system that moves products from the manufacturer to the end user.

They are responsible for the whole process of creating an item, which includes how the product is bought as well as how it is distributed, allocated and then delivered.

They make an average salary of $46,000.


In order to be successful in the business world, productivity is the most important factor. As businesses increasingly source their goods from a global pipeline, they’re more in demand of supply chain managers who can improve the efficiency of their pipeline.
They also define the development and growth of a specific business.

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