Why Should You Hire NEMT Services?


Public transportation is often not feasible for people who have recently gone through medical treatments or are physically disabled. NEMT is always an option for those in need. It’s also not just for older people. Any age group person utilizes the service for multiple reasons.

Don’t let your loved one miss a practitioner’s appointment or be pointlessly confined at home. With NEMT (non-emergency medical transportation), a qualified medical expert picks up the patient, assists them outside to the ambulance, shuttle, car, or van, and ensures secure and timely passage to and from the same-day medical’s appointments in California or other destinations.

Common reasons for non-emergency medical transportation include:

  • Traveling to and from outpatient surgery
  • Post-surgery follow-up Physician’s clinic
  • Getting to medical check-ups without the support of friends or family members.
  • Transportation for shopping or other everyday tasks, and
  • Much more

Vehicles used for non-emergency medical transportation are:

  • Fully equipped ambulances
  • Shuttle buses (for large groups)
  • Medical Cars (sedans)
  • Wheelchair Vans

Why choose NEMT among the different medical transport options available nowadays? Here are the reasons why:

It is the right option for non-emergency cases. NEMT is a good choice over an ambulance in your case. If you have no emergency that medical staff should immediately attend to it. You only need to be dropped off at your medical appointment or at the physician’s clinic. These appointments are cases considered non-emergency, and you can trust NEMT.

It is safer and more secure. Most vehicles that are used to provide NEMT services are equipped with many aiding devices and tools. A wheelchair lift is the primary of these assistive devices. As the name suggests, it can winch up a person’s wheelchair off the ground and pull it inside the vehicle. With this assistive machine, getting you into the vehicle will not be as difficult as it is supposed to be. There are several other devices used while providing non-emergency med transport. They make transportation effortless for everyone.

It drives you to and from your destination on time. Due to your medical condition, you may need to visit a medical expert regularly. Most practitioners follow a plan when it comes to seeing patients. If you miss your medical appointment, you may have to wait a while to be able to see the doctor then. With the NEMT rides to medical appointments, you can arrive at your medical’s appointment promptly. A reliable NEMT service provider arrives at your doorsteps right on schedule to pick you up.

It can provide door-to-door transportation.

According to a client’s necessities, appropriate NEMT services may be organized. For example, those who use canes and walkers or who need wheelchair support or ambulatory transportation can be helped by NEMT staff that are comprehensively trained and educated to focus on their needs. And the vans or minibusses used for the NEMT services are also completely equipped with suitable features to make the transportation of patients as easy and as safe as they can.

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