Tips to Consider When Choosing Industrial Packaging Supplier

industrial packaging supplier

Packaging is one utility of business that is always in high demand around the globe. For any business, its packaging is the first touch point that their brand has with its customers. Packaging plays a crucial role in impressing customers. When you offer a fulfilling packaging experience to customers, it can be part of an effective marketing strategy. If used properly, it can also positively affect sales. Success depends a lot on the quality of the packaging supplier in Australia that is chosen.

This article explores four areas that will help your business to select the right industrial packaging supplier for its needs:

            1. Is tailor-made packaging on offer?

Custom packaging is important, it’s a trend that is here to stay long term. It helps to enhance a brand’s value and builds a long-term connection with its customers. It ensures that your customer has a great unboxing experience. When the packaging contains your company logo, design, colour and messaging it re-enforces your brand identity, this can lead to increased customer loyalty through sales and revenue for your business. Ask potential suppliers if they support custom packaging needs.

          2. Quality of the packaging

Just like the quality of the product, the packaging quality plays a crucial role too. Low-quality packaging can lead to product damage during the transit process. Carefully evaluate the packaging materials based upon the fragility or sturdiness of your product. If you have a specific packaging material in mind, verify with the supplier if they have it available for manufacturing.

         3. Price point

Pricing is always an important factor when choosing a supplier, especially if you are working to a budget. Look for vendors that have special deals and check if they offer bulk discounts. It is better to discuss the pricing aspect up front, so that there is no confusion later on. Be clear on the deal before you sign any contract.

       4. Check up on customer service

Good customer service is appreciated across all industries. When choosing the right packaging supplier, it is important to go with a company that has reliable and responsive customer service. Smart and skilled customer representatives can help in answering queries and resolving any issues efficiently. Recommendations are a great way to source new suppliers, or google reviews online to gauge if feedback is favourable. 

What factors should be considered when choosing the packaging material?

  • Durability

Though the level of sturdiness required depends on the fragility of your products, all types of packaging should offer some level of protection during transit to prevent damage to goods.

  • Ease of use

One of the most important factors to consider is how simple and easy to open the packaging is. It should not be a frustrating experience to get into the parcel. Complex packaging is a big turn-off for customers.

  • Availability

The material that you choose for packaging should be available and in stock with the supplier. If your sales suddenly surge, the supplier should have enough material on hand to meet the rising demand.

  • Legally compliant

The supplier should have materials that adhere to legal compliance and are sustainable. The material should be such that it can be enjoyed with minimum impact on the environment.

What is the role of packaging in the four Ps of marketing?

  • Price

The price component in the 4 Ps of marketing is about the pricing of the product. When the pricing is being determined, a little of the budget should be incorporated to cover the packaging price. If the product is being sold at an economical price point,  cost-effective packaging is a must.

  • Product

The package for the product should be chosen wisely. Does the package need to clearly display the product inside? Does it protect the product adequately? Also consider any regulations governing your product when choosing packaging.

  • Promotion

The packaging you create should help to generate a buzz in the market and support your promotional campaign. It should work with the promotional plan for your product.

  • Place

You must consider if the product is going to be sold online or in the offline market, as it impacts the choice of packaging for ensuring the safety of the products.

How to select a packaging supplier?

  • Choose a supplier that offers a wide array of choices and has a good level of products in stock to meet your needs at any given point.Tips to Consider When Choosing Industrial Packaging Supplier
  • The supplier should be able to handle the growth of your business if your demand increases.
  • They must offer consistent product quality throughout your journey with them.
  • Choose an industrial packaging supplier that offers competitive prices and on-time delivery of the material.
  • The company should be ISO certified and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

The above-mentioned information offers some insights into materials and choosing the right packaging supplier in Australia. Opting for the right design can go a long way in creating an excellent brand identity.

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