Ways to Personalise Your Rental Apartment in Dubai

Ways to Personalise Your Rental Apartment in Dubai

When it comes to rental apartment hunting, there are abundant choices in Dubai. The market is flooded with new Dubai properties to rent, and it has become easier than ever to find a residence that suits one requirements and budget.

Apartments, particularly in newer developments, are laced with an array of facilities and amenities. However, there’s one thing that is lacking in them – personalisation. Most of these apartments look the same, and most people don’t bother personalising them, deeming it a high-cost endeavour. Little do they know that they can add life to their living space and make it more personalised without having to burn a hole in their pockets. Wondering how?

Take a look at five budget-friendly ways to personalise your rental apartment:

1.      Give it a Fresh Paint

Want to add an element of jazz to your apartment? Change the colours of the walls. Choose the shade wisely, as different colours convey different meanings, and they can have an impact on the mood as well. For instance, red colour evokes feelings such as passion, anger and danger. Thus, it may not be a suitable choice for your bedroom.

Softer hues are preferred for bedrooms, while brighter ones can be suitable for living or dining rooms. If the room is small, opt for light colours to create an impact of a bigger, spacious room.

If you do not want to spend money on getting the entire apartment freshly painted, you can select a focal wall of each room and get it painted. This will add an element of freshness in your home.

2.      Get Rugs

Most furnished apartments come with carpets in bland colours such as grey or taupe. They can singlehandedly make the entire apartment seem lifeless.

To make your home look upbeat and cheerful, opt for brightly-coloured rugs. They can add a ton of personality to your rental space. You can easily find them in pocket-friendly rates. Again, choose the colours of the rugs wisely. They should go with the shades of the walls and the overall theme of the apartment.

3.      Dedicate a Corner for Picture Frames

This is another great way to personalise your apartment. And the best part – it wouldn’t cost much. Simply select a corner of your home, a prominent one, and hang photo frames with pictures of yourself and your loved ones. Apart from improving the décor of your home, it can also cheer you up when you are sad or having a bad day.

Try and get some funky photo frames instead of the regular ones. If you have a knack of art and crafts, take some time out from your busy schedule and make your own frames. You can get tons of ideas for DIY photo frames on the internet.

4.      Create a Book Rack

Having a book rack can prove to be an effective way to improve the décor of your home, add an element of personalisation and flaunt your collection – all at the same time. Also, this can free up some space from the cabinets as well that was consumed by these books. It’s an additional benefit you can get by having a book rack.

You can get a cheekily-designed book rack or shelf from the market or make your own. If you don’t have a budget, even a simple book rack can do the trick. Apart from books, you can also use it to display your collection of DVDs.

5.      Use Removable Wallpapers

If you don’t want to bear the expense of getting your home painted or the landlord doesn’t allow you to, there’s still a way to personalise it. You can get removable wallpapers and place them on the walls. The process is simple and doesn’t require a lot of time. The use of removable wallpapers offers an additional benefit as well. In case you have to leave home after the contract is over, you can conveniently remove the wallpaper and take it to your next apartment.

The only thing that will consume time here is the selection of removable wallpapers. Since there are plenty of options, it can be hard to find the one that is suitable for your living space.

To sum it up, your living space reflects your personality and taste. Thus, you should pay attention to its décor and the way it looks if you want to leave the best impression on your guests.

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