Beneficial for International Students in Saudi Arabia?

Management vs. Marketing: Which Degree is Beneficial for International Students in Saudi Arabia?

Business is the major which is further divided into multiple specialties or categories including business administration business statistics, analysis, and so on. Two such categories are known as Business marketing and business management. Both of these specialties are hugely popular among students because of the various advantages that come along with them. Students from across the world try to get into prestigious business colleges to get an education in these specializations even if they have to buy Management Assignment Help or marketing dissertation writing assistance from professionals.

Everybody knows Australia, the UK, Canada, and Germany are a few countries that are popularly known for their quality education in every major. However; now Saudi Arabia is also catching up because its government has been investing a lot in its educational sector lately. Students studying marketing & management in prestigious Saudi-based universities also have to match up with the international level of education and they do that by taking Marketing Assignment Writing Service or management writing help to get familiar with international standards of writing. This post highlights these two courses of business in particular and their scope in Saudi Arabia.

Best Business educational institutes in Saudi Arabia:

The general education system in Saudi Arabia starts with kindergarten, six years of primary school, and three years each of secondary plus high schooling. After that; a student can choose whichever field or major he wants to opt for. Business is one of the most studied majors in Saudi Arabia. Some of the best business educational institutes in Saudi Arabia are as follows;

  • King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals- College of industrial management:
  • King Abdul Aziz University- Faculty of Economics and Administration.
  • King Saud University-College of Business Administration.
  • Arab Open University- Faculty of Business Studies.
  • CBA College of Business Administration- University of Business & Technology.

All of these universities have reached a significant level of attention on an international level.

Which degree is beneficial for Saudi students? Marketing vs. Management:

The following paragraphs will highly all the aspects of a marketing degree as well as a management degree in Saudi Arabia so students/readers can pick according to their preference;

1.     Marketing vs. Management- Coursework/syllabus:

Marketing is the promotion of a brand, product, or service. The syllabus or the coursework included in the marketing branch of business include;

  • Market research.
  • Public relations.
  • Consumer behavior.
  • Digital marketing.
  • Marketing law and ethics.
  • Decision science.
  • Quantitative methods.
  • Strategic sales.

On the other hand; management is all about looking over the daily operations being carried out in a business. It can be defined as managing the integration and organization of business activities (bestassignmentwriters, 2022). Following is the syllabus that is taught in this particular coursework;

  • Business project management.
  • Communication and appraising.
  • Discipline and training.
  • Organization behavior analysis.
  • Leadership and management basics.

2.     Marketing vs. Management- duties:

Marketing is all about attracting more clients and hiring suitable employees. The duties or functions that students studying marketing have to perform are as follows:

  • Buying and assembling.
  • Selling and distributing.
  • Risk-taking.  The risks may be related not only to the enterprise activity but also to its environment (political and economic situation in the country, macroeconomic fluctuations of the economy, socio-cultural population, legal and legislative framework, globalization of the economy in general) (Tkachenko et al, 2019).
  • Storing and transporting.
  • Keeping a check of market information.
  • Standardization and grading.
  • Coordinating and promoting.

Business management involves overseeing and leading teams of employees working in a particular business. People working in this particular specialty have to perform the following duties;

3.     Marketing vs. Management- Career opportunities:

Students who have attained marketing degrees in Saudi Arabia have the following career opportunities that they can pursue;

  • Manager of Corporate Communications; It is the job in which a person is meant to implement internal and external communication strategies to keep the employees unified and consistent.
  • Chief marketing officer; He is the one who is responsible for all the marketing strategies and the activities that are being carried out in the company.
  • Account Executive: He is the one who manages the interest of a particular client mainly in an advertisement.
  • Market Research Analyst: He is the one who gathers and then analyzes the data of the company. He also compares it with his competitors to keep a check on the market.
  • Promotion Manager: it is the promotion manager who thinks of the strategies and the ways to promote specific products r the services.

Similarly; there are multiple job opportunities for students who have attained a degree in business management. Following are some of the career opportunities provided to them in Saudi Arabia;

  • Sales Coordinator; it is the job of a sales coordinator to supervise the sales team and to make sure that demand/quotas are being met by the team.
  • Client Service Manager: He is the one who acts as a link between the business and its customers. He helps the client in retailing, insurance, and all other related activities.
  • Human Resources Manager; All the hiring and employment of the company are under the supervision of HRM.
  • Operation Manager; He is the one, who is in charge of all the planning and execution done in the company.

4.     Marketing vs. Management- Salary:

The average salary of marketing managers in Saudi Arabia may vary from SAR 20K to SAR 410k. On the other hand; the average salary of a business manager in Saudi Arabia ranges from SAR 21K to SAR 446k. The range of salaries varies according to the expertise of the employee.

5.     Marketing vs. Management- difficulty level:

Most students think that business management is comparatively harder than business marketing but the perspectives vary from student to student.


Both; business management as well as business marketing is extremely important categories of business. They hold their own respective pros. hopefully; the above-mentioned post will help the students in picking their area of expertise in Saudi Arabia.


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