Top 5 Alternatives Of Mixhubb: Quick Comparison Guide

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With the increase in online events, most of the audience is looking for new features and innovations included in their online events. In addition to this, with the gradual shift toward the digital era, there has been huge competition in the market for providing the best online service to the audience.


Keeping this in mind, let’s talk about some of the best free online meeting platforms for catering to the audience’s requirements. In addition, we’ll highlight their key features and recommend the best option for your next event. Let’s start with a quick introduction to virtual events.


Online Meeting Platforms: What Makes Them Special?

Online meeting platforms are places where people from remote locations connect with each other and attend an event or meeting. Platforms for virtual meetings are video programs and services that link users online.  So, without wasting any time, let’s explore some popular alternatives to Mixhubb. 


Furthermore, Mixhubb is an all-in-one solution for all types of event requirements and is one of the most trusted virtual event marketing platforms in the world. It has tremendous potential and features like chat booths, customizable landing pages, self-managing your whole event, and many others that attract a large volume of audiences. Now, let’s explore its alternatives one by one. 



Platform Description 

An all-in-one virtual event hosting platform called Airmeet removes the “virtual” from “remote connections” and replaces it with “real.” The deep interactions at Airmeet events and the more opulent or aesthetic networking environment truly provide attendees with that in-the-moment feeling.


In addition, you could hold an Airmeet with up to 16 live speakers and tens of thousands of concurrent users. Furthermore, all of this is done without compromising privacy or security.

Platform Features

  •  With its social lounge feature, joining a table would allow you to meet a variety of people and engage in video chat. Alternately, shuffle about the room until you discover “your folks.” Networking before and after your session helps your participants form genuine connections.
  • As the number of attendees grows, Airmeet events can automatically expand without sacrificing quality., which can manage up to 1M connections, powers video communications on Airmeet.
  • It is purely a browser-based platform that requires no sort of downloading of any type of application or something. In fact, with its easy-to-use interface, you can easily do virtual event marketing and attract a large volume of audience.


Platform Description 

This platform is well-known for hosting virtual and hybrid events. In addition to this, you can easily host your webinar session with the help of this platform. Over the years, Bigmarker has earned the trust of leading brands such as Motorola, CNBC, TED, and others. Whether it’s the matter of hosting web conferences, webinar sessions, or other events, this platform provides actionable data for better results.

Platform Features

  • This is one of the best online meeting platforms which is well known for hosting hybrid events and integration with third-party gateways.
  • BigMarker is a full-featured cloud platform, unlike GoToWebinar or Zoom, and doesn’t require users to install any additional software. It increases the rate of attendance.
  • BigMarker includes a webcast mode that enables those with slow internet access to watch your webinar. BigMarker also has strong connectors with a number of email programs, CRMs, and other applications. Additionally, it offers effective inbound and outbound real-time functionality.


Platform Description 

This is one of the most popular event platforms and is known for creating events in minutes. In addition to this, it becomes very easy to drive sales from this platform and generate revenue while hosting your event. Let’s explore some of its astonishing features.


Platform Features

  • You can easily produce branded user conferences on this platform. In addition to this, there is no limitation over the scale and frequency of the event. You also get real time insights for keeping the figures and data of marketing, sales, customer success at your fingertips.
  • You’ll get third party integration facilities with platforms like salesforce and others. This makes the management process throughout the event break into small parts like before event, after event and during the event.


Platform Description 

With GoToWebinar, you can concentrate solely on expanding your clientele and your business without having to worry about the mess and confusion that come with webinar organization. Simply select the date for your webinar, and the rest will be handled automatically.

Additionally, it introduces you to a range of options that can enhance your webinar experience, such as flexible scheduling and event administration in its entirety.


Platform Features

  • You can pre-record your event with the help of this platform. In addition to this, you can then share the video online on any social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others.
  • The platform also provides integration facilities with other third-party platforms like Paypal, Salesforce, and others. Furthermore, this is one of the best platforms suited for virtual event marketing.
  • Some other features of this platform include live surveys, live polling, real time feedback, and conducting post-event surveys.


Platform Description 

This platform is extremely popular among small and medium enterprises that are looking for cost-effective solutions for their products or services. With the help of this platform, you can create your event instantly and use free demo sessions for a better understanding of the concept.

Platform Features

  • You represent a small and medium-sized enterprise, an association, an event planning firm, and an educational establishment. In addition to this, if you’re preparing to conduct networking, expo, or webinar online then this platform should be in your bucket list.
  • Demand networking and engagement tools including 16-person lounge tables, 1-on-1 chat rooms, and virtual booths. However, you have limited options for logo customisation in the virtual event’s Reception section.


Final Thoughts 

It ultimately depends on the type of target audience, the demands and expectations of that audience with respect to your event. In addition to this, almost all of these are the best free online meeting platforms, up to a certain limit. Furthermore, when it comes to the pricing part, you have to look at your pocket and then decide which one will be the best fit for your next event.



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