How to Set Up and Calibrate Coagulation Analyzers


It would help if you had the appropriate tools to make sure your laboratory is functioning at its peak. A coagulation analyzer is one piece of gear that may be crucial when conducting tests. This article explores the features and benefits of coagulation analyzers in detail.

How should a coagulation analyzer be properly calibrated or adjusted?

It’s crucial to calibrate an analyzer before measuring coagulation factors. By calibrating an analyzer, you can ensure that its readings are precise and reliable. You can do the following things to calibrate your analyzer correctly:

  1. Verify the time and date stamp for calibration.
  2. Make sure all connectors are firmly fastened.
  3. Verify that nothing is blocking the sensor’s path to the sample container or the probe tip.
  4. Before performing a calibration procedure, clear off debris from the sensor chambers.
  5. Before beginning calibration procedures for a specific chamber type or assay type, perform a standard coagulation factor test (or another suitable assay) to confirm the accuracy of each sensor chamber.

Coagulation analyzers: How do they operate?

Doctors can measure the degree of blood coagulation with coagulation analyzers. Coagulation is a process that aids in preventing injuries, and coagulation analyzers can assist physicians in keeping track of their patients’ coagulation levels. Clotting factors, platelets, and fibrinogen are the three primary sources of coagulation. Proteins called clotting factors aid in the formation of clots. Tiny cells called platelets aid in the formation of blood clots. In the presence of other proteins, the protein fibrinogen aids in the formation of blood clots. A coagulation analyzer’s primary function is to quantify the concentrations of these various proteins in a patient’s blood.


It’s crucial to regularly calibrate your analyzers to get accurate results from Wondfo coagulation analyzers. This will guarantee that your machinery is precise and consistently produces results.

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