Tips for Using Chlorine Tablets in Swimming Pools

Tips for Using Chlorine Tablets in Swimming Pools

Whether you are a pool resort owner or a homeowner, having access to a swimming pool and being able to host pool parties with your friends and relatives appears to be a dream. Owning your pool may appear to be a joy, but maintaining the pool is another story. The good news is that there are several items and equipment on the market today that can help clean pools. Among those items are chlorine tablets. This product is primarily used to clean and disinfect swimming pools. This product will assist you in cleaning your pool while saving you time and energy.

Chlorine is a commonly known chemical that is used in pools, for the water to be safe. Adding chlorine to bodies of water will be able to keep the swimming pool clean. It will be able to kill and free germs, insects, algae, or any bacteria that can affect the health of a person. Moreover, chlorine tablets can keep the water of your swimming safe; they can destroy any waterborne pathogens that can cause skin rashes, athlete’s foot, and diarrhea. 

The use of chlorine tablets is simple. When compared to chlorine granules, chlorine tablets distribute chlorine into your pool at a much more consistent and stable rate. 

There are pointers on what aspects of a tablet to look for and how chlorine tablets can effectively keep your water clean and sanitized. Also, keep in mind that you should never rely solely on chlorine tablets; here are some helpful hints on how to use them properly.

Dissolving Speed

The speed at which chlorine tablets dissolve is an important factor in a good chlorine tablet. This helps determine how effective the chlorine tablets that you purchase for your swimming pool are. There are a variety of tablets, and each one is designed using different methods. The speed of dissolving chlorine tablets varies according to the type of application that will be mentioned on the tablets. 

For a better value, you should invest and purchase slow-dissolving chlorine tablets. These tablets can provide a consistent source of free available chlorine, allowing you to add less chlorine more frequently, which is a significant benefit. But in the end, you should prefer spending on chlorine tablets that dissolve effectively.

Invest in a Floater or Chlorinator

It is highly suggested to invest investing in a floater or chlorinator for the usage of your chlorine tablets. This will disperse the chlorine automatically into your swimming pool. The floater or chlorinator is a plastic vessel that holds your tablets and it floats around in your swimming pool.

In terms of maintaining the floater to be equipped with chlorine tablets, it should be part of your maintenance weekly. You should be able to check and see if any tablets are needed to be added to the float. In terms of adding the chlorine tablets into the float, you should put and refill it in an appropriate amount.

The Proper Amount of Usage

In using chlorine tablets, the amount should be appropriate. One tip to measure is that it can be a helping hand. Instead of filling your floater with chlorine tablets full, use one to three-inch tablets for every 10,000 gallons of water in your swimming pool. This number of tablets should be enough to maintain a good chlorine level, especially if you are shocking the water of your swimming pool weekly.

Key Takeaway 

Maintaining your swimming pool may be a lot of hard work and commitment, especially checking the equipment and status of the pool weakly and repeatedly to be in great condition. Chlorine tablets are a great item to help you clean your swimming pool on your own without having to hire weekly at the expense of any cleaning services. It can help you save a lot of money.

Although chlorine tablets can be a great asset in cleaning your swimming pool, you should also know the correct amount of tablets that are needed for maintaining your swimming pool. Putting too much chlorine can have negative effects on people in the water. Also, you should never rely on using chlorine tablets for a chlorine reading. There is still a lot of equipment and tools that you can invest in for your swimming pool to be in great condition and to be maintained well.

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