Why is Pipe Relining Better Than Repiping?

Pipe Relining

Have you ever seen pipe replacements taking place? On the roads or at your friends’ places? What comes to your mind first when you hear pipe replacement is big dug-up holes and heaps of debris. Now, what if someone told you that you could fix your piping’s without any of this mess? Yes, that’s true, and that’s what Pipe Relining Solutions do for you. Want to know more? Let’s dive right in.

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe Relining is a method to fix pipelines without reconstructing the existing pipes. It is a fast solution to seal some cracks and holes in the existing pipe, which many households nowadays prefer.

It works by creating a smaller pipe inside the existing pipe and then applying a new coating to the inside of the damaged pipe. If you don’t want to ruin your garden or don’t want to clean up the mess later on, this is the perfect way to go.

Why is Pipe Relining Better Than Pipe Replacement?

Here’s why Pipe Relining Solutions are the better option than pipe replacements.

Less Hassle

The first and foremost point is that it’s a lesser hassle than pipe replacement. Rather than digging up the whole line to change your pipe with another, this relining process saves you a lot of effort and post-cleaning process hassle.


Now, all Pipe Relining companies work in their ways. However, most of these companies will first give your pipeline a check, understand the problem and then provide a quote customized to your problems only. As opposed to pipe replacement, where you get the exact quotes regardless of your issues, Pipe Relining also helps you cut down on the budget.


It will take a week or two to repipe an entire household or the main line. Just replacing a single bathroom piping takes around 5-10 days.

If you select Pipe Relining Solutions, they only need to get through an access point and don’t need to dig up the entire line. Therefore, their work is done much faster. Some Pipe Relining companies finish their tasks within a few hours of the day.

 Longer Warranty Periods

Looking at Pipe Relining VS replacement, a replaced pipe gives a lifetime warranty of around 10-20 years. However, with professionally done Pipe Relining, you can expect a 20-50 years warranty. This differs from company to company but either way, the warranty and guarantee periods of relined pipes are more than that of the replaced pipes.

 Long-Term Solution

When done through professionals and executed properly, Pipe Relining can be a great escape for you. In most cases, if the pipe has had only minor damage, Pipe Relining can work as a great long-term solution. Be it cracks or holes in the pipe or even damage from tree roots, it can all be taken care of by Pipe Relining.

Final Words

With all these factors in place, Pipe Relining becomes a better, guaranteed, more cost-effective, time-saving, hassle-free, quicker, and more long-term solution than the pipe replacement process. This is also why Pipe Relining is the first preference of any piping service provider. However, you need to remember that Pipe Relining Solutions are not always possible in all cases. Replacement is your only option for any bigger damage to pipes, such as crushed or completely broken pipes.

In short, Pipe Relining is your first aid for little wounds here and there, but pipe replacement is the 24*7 emergency centre you would need in major accidents.

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