7 Features Designers Aren’t Aware of Google SketchUp

Introduction For any architect looking to add vision to his design and ideas, Google SketchUp is the most effective 3d modeling software suite accessible in a market pool of complicated, high-end applications. Also, it is one of the most popular choices within the architecture community due to its simple UI. Moreover, SketchUp is an efficient…

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metaverse e learning

How the Metaverse will Take E-learning to the next level

In the traditional method, physical learning was the norm. However, with the proliferation of e-learning, online learning began to take centre stage. As the platforms became more innovative, hybrid and blended learning modules crept into the frame. Anytime and anywhere learning became a core component of e-learning. The traditional educational sector learned about technology to…

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Learning is a Life Long Journey

Self-directed education that is centered on personal growth is called lifelong learning. Although there isn’t a single, agreed-upon definition of lifelong learning, it is typically understood to mean learning that takes place outside of a conventional educational setting like a school, university, or corporate training. However, lifelong learning does not have to be limited to…

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