Some Important Features Of The Quote Management System


Quote management systems, also called as configure price quote software, are specially designed to automate quotations and retain loyal customers. Every organization wishes to increase its sales to increase profitability. This is always the main goal of the organization and to achieve it, it is important to increase the sales level. Here the quotation software for small business plays an important role in automating the quotations.


It helps the sales team to effortlessly generate and send quotations to the customers to raise a query, maintain the shipping information, report, and much more. Know that this software has eased the lives of the sales team, enabling them to focus on other core competencies. The quote management system helps in quote automation, billing management, automation reporting, item categorization, greater insights into sales performance, etc. It has turned out a great help to small businesses, which struggle to manage all their operations. This software will help the sales team to automatically manage the quote requests. Also, it will send customized results fulfilling the requests of many individual customers. This will retain customers and will attract new customers, which will result in increased sales. The software has the ability to craft the proposals automatically and will send them to the respective customer. So with just a few clicks, the optimized deal price will be ready to be presented.

Following are some of the important features of the quote management system:

  • SaaS- Having the quote management tool on software as a service is not very easy but it ensures that your software is running on the latest version. The latest version will let you use the software with all the features so that you can get all the advantages.
  • Integrations- It is important for the quote management system to easily integrate with other software. The software should have the ability to integrate with customer relationship management (CRM), professional service automation (PSA) etc. Also, the quote management software should link with the accounting system, eliminating the need for manual data on spreadsheets.
  • Templates- To save time, some quote management systems have some inbuilt or default templates. This will save time and effort and easy customization can be done the same. This will help the customers to get a glimpse and on this basis, they can further take the decision about purchasing.
  • Customer activity tracking- When the customer will show interest in the price or ask about a quotation, the software will notify or alert the sales team. This way the business will be able to respond quickly to the customer.
  • Reporting- With just a few clicks, the sales team can easily review the metrics including outstanding quotes, sales conversions, highest sales per product, etc.


So above are some of the common features of the quote management system. Always look out for these features to get the best quote management system for your organization. Never settle less for the software solution as this system will help you with closing the deal and generating more revenues for businesses.

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