Is it required to change address in the Indian visa?

Is it required to change address in the Indian visa

Is it true that you are contemplating whether is it obligatory to change address in the Indian visa or not? Then, at that point, Itzeazy is here to stop your mission. For the situation that your location has been changed yet the old location is as yet recorded in your identification, what would it be advisable for you to do all things considered? Peruse the blog to track down an answer.


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Is it compulsory to change address in the Indian visa?

All in all, here is the response for your question – ” is it required to change address in the Indian identification? No, changing the location in the Indian passport isn’t compulsory.


In any case, refreshing your identification can be utilized as confirmation of address. The location in your visa should be substantial to show your genuine location when you use it for Evidence of Character, Confirmation of Address, or Verification of Date of Birth while voyaging. Any other way, you can keep on involving a more established address in your visa and essentially show the expected location confirmation for check and identification issuance when now is the right time to reestablish your visa.


Presently you realize whether is it required to change address in the Indian visa or not? If you have any desire to change the location in your visa follow these means.

The most effective method to change address in Indian identification:

  • Visit the Identification Seva online entryway.
  • Assuming you have a record, click “Existing Client Login,” enter your client ID and secret key, and sign in.
  • On the off chance that you are another client, select “New Client?” Join Now
  • Register and make a login ID and secret key.
  • Select a Visa Seva Kendra in your space.
  • You will get an email at your enrolled email address with a connection to initiate your record.
  • After you have tapped on the connection, sign in and select “Apply for Another Visa/Identification Reissue.”
  • Presently you definitely know – is it obligatory to change address in the Indian visa or not? If you actually have any desire to change your location, the best way to do so is to apply for another visa or an identification reissue. Changing your location and reissuing your identification both expense a similar sum.



To change your location in your visa, you should pay an expense. The expenses for refreshing your location on your identification are equivalent to the charges for reissuing a visa. Contingent upon the sort of visa for the quantity of pages booklet, it is a norm or a Tatkaal application, and the charge will shift.

Installment Mode to change address in Identification

At the point when the structure has been effectively submitted, select “view saved or submitted applications.” You will have the decision to make installment and make an arrangement. You can plan an arrangement subsequent to making an effective internet based installment. The expense of an identification isn’t refundable.


The sum paid will be lost on the off chance that the visa application charge has been paid yet the candidate hasn’t planned an arrangement soon. The RPO will discount any overabundance totals if different installments are made for a similar reason. Coming up next are the accessible installment strategies:


It tends to be finished through SBI and Partner Banks at no extra expense utilizing Mastercards (VISA or MasterCard), charge cards (VISA or MasterCard), and web banking.

Challan SBI –

Records expected for address change in the identification

As you track down the solution for is it required to change address in the Indian passport?If you need to change your identification address, you should give a few reports. The expected records for a visa address change are recorded underneath.


  • Identification from an earlier time
  • A duplicate of the installment or challan receipt
  • A duplicate of your application from the web
  • Self-verified duplicates of the initial two and last two pages of the visa.
  • Identification duplicates of the page of perception, if any, that have been self-authenticated
  • Approval to issue.
  • On account of an identification with a restricted legitimacy period, self-validated duplicates of the legitimacy expansion page.

Any of the accompanying records will fill in as confirmation of address:

  • Photograph/Citizen ID card from the Political decision Commission
  • The expense of power
  • Charge Concerning Water
  • Number (cell phone/landline)
  • Proof of a LPG Association
  • A legitimately restricting tenant contract
  • Request for Personal Expense Appraisal
  • A booked private-area Indian bank, a planned public area bank, or a territorial country bank are the main choices for the bank.
  • Duplicate of the companion’s visa, including the first and only pages of the identification along with family data. The candidate’s ongoing home must likewise match the data on the companion’s identification.
  • On account of youngsters, a duplicate of the candidate’s identification (incorporate the first and last pages of the visa as well as family data).

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The solution for your inquiry – is it required to change address in the Indian identification? No, just show the necessary location confirmation for check and visa issuance when now is the right time to recharge your identification. Individuals accept that refreshing or changing their identification address is troublesome, yet it is generally clear.

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