How to draw a hairy head

How to draw a hairy head

How to draw a hairy head. The furry community is famous all over the world. Fans of the practice can draw and experience an animal character, and classic animal-based cartoon characters often inspire such people. For lovers of this society, it can be a lot of joy creating one of these people, and learning how to draw a fuzzy head is a significant first step.

Fortunately, this directory will guide you on how you can learn to do just that! You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more cool drawings.

Drawing a hairy head

Step 1:

For this first step in our guide on how to draw a fuzzy head, we’ll start with the eyes, ears, and top of the head. For the looks, you can create ovals that include jet dots inside. Then you can use rounded lines around the eyes. Once you have the eyes in our reference image, you can start from the top of your head. A few more rounded lines will be used to create the ears. Finally, for this step, you can use more defined lines to create the hair between the two ears.

Step 2:

Now let’s add more details for the ears and hair for this step of your hairy head drawing! First, you can start with curved lines inside the ears to get more internal detail. Once you’ve done that, you can add a few sharp, pointed lines to finish off the section of hair between the ears on the head.

Step 3:

Your image is starting to take shape now! To keep that momentum going in this guide on how to draw a fuzzy head, we’ll be working on the outline of the head for this part. To do this, you will use a curved line for the chin of the head. On the other hand, you will use sharper lines for the sides of the head. It will make the sides of the head more hairy, much like how you drew the hair earlier.

Step 4:

In this step of drawing your fuzzy head, we will add some details and elements to the face:

  1. You can use a round, triangular form for the nose; then, the muzzle will connect to it in two parts.
  2. A rounded line will pass under this muzzle for the mouth.
  3. For this phase, you can sketch an eyebrow above the eye on the right.

It will help give this face even more expressiveness!

Step 5:

How to draw a hairy head

You’re almost ready to start adding fantastic colors in this guide on how to draw a fuzzy head! Before that, though, we have a few final details to add. You can also add your details to this step if you wish! First, you can count a row of pointy teeth in the mouth, as shown in the reference image. You can then use a rounded tongue line behind those teeth. The rest of the details will mainly make the head look even hairier. You can achieve this effect by adding more curved and clean lines along the head and ears.

You can follow the way we did in the guide, but you can also tweak it a bit if you want! Once you’re done with those details, you’re ready to move on to the next steps! Before doing so, you can add your details and articles first. These could include drawing a fuzzy head or creating a background. These are just two of the many ideas you could try, so what else can you think of to finish this image?

Step 6:

How to draw a hairy head

We’ve reached the final stage of your hairy head drawing, and now you can take control and have fun bringing unique colors to your drawing! In our reference image, we use gray, brown, pink, and a few other colors to color it. However, that’s just one way to do it, and you should feel like you’re wearing the colors you love!

The furry characters can be in different colors and patterns, which gives you a lot of freedom to color them. Once you know what colors you would like, there is also the matter of choosing the art mediums you will use to bring them to life!

Make your hairy head drawing unique.

Finish that hairy head sketch in style with this four fun and effortless tips! When it arrives in the furry subculture, making your personality is important. For this reason, you can customize this drawing of a fuzzy head to better suit your personality and tastes. These changes can be subtle and may even be limited to colors. Or, you can change the highlights and even alter the facial expression. What aspects would you like to customize to make this your ideal furry head? Continuing with the previous tip, you can also go one step further and draw a whole new furry animal head. If you keep a famous animal, that would be a wonderful start.

You can create a page with different species of furry heads for fun. It would be a great way to try out all the different furry people you can think of! What animals could you use to draw new furry heads? Once you have decided on the drawing of your furry head drawing, you can go the extra mile and draw the rest of the body. If you did this, you could not only complete the drawing but also create some fun poses. The body doesn’t need to be very detailed, and you can use a simple cartoon style if you’re not used to drawing bodies.

Whether or not you add the body to your hairy head sketch, it would be fun to draw a background. It can be done in different ways! One would be to pull an actual place in the ground. It could be a convention or maybe just a simple family setting. Or you can fill the background with colors and shapes for a vibrant and eye-catching background. What would background ideas work best for this fantastic drawing you’ve created?

Your hairy head drawing is complete!

With those last elements counted and the shades done, you’ve reached the end of this guide on how to draw a fuzzy head! We hope this guide has made creating this drawing easier than expected. We even wish it existed better fun than anticipated! Now that you’ve completed this guide, you have plenty of ways to take this drawing even further! You can use what you’ve learned in this guide to tweak the details and create a unique character.

You can also experiment with your colors and artistic mediums to go further. Once you are ready to have more fun drawing, you can find it on our website! We have many guides at your disposal and are constantly uploading new ones for you! We’d love to see your finished furry head drawing, so once you’ve done it, we hope you’ll share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages! We glance ahead to see your lovely pieces of skill.

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