How to Draw A Jumping Unicorn

Juming Unicorn Drawing

How to Draw A Jumping Unicorn. Learn how to draw a beautiful jumping unicorn with easy and detailed instructions, video tutorials, and Easy Unicorn Coloring pages. Now you can easily create a beautiful jumping unicorn theme.

Do you want to learn how to draw a jumping unicorn cartoon? This easy and step-by-step drawing mythical creature cartoon tutorial will show you how to do it.

Unicorns are mythological creatures depicted as horses or goats with spiraling horns in the center of the face. They are often associated with purity: only girls with a pure heart could get close to unicorns, and their horns are said to neutralize the effects of poisons.

Did you know? Unicorn legends refer to an authentic animal: the narwhal, a whale with a spiraling fang or tooth protruding from the front of its face.

Let’s Learn About Unicorns

Ancient peoples may have invented unicorn tales to describe the strange narwhal “cornets” they found. There are so many methods to tempt unicorns. They can be pretty and wide-eyed like this chibi unicorn. Some incorporate the characteristics of the unicorn with those of a flying Pegasus. The colors are flashy, as in Lisa Frank’s Markie the Unicorn. Markie’s story goes perfectly with our unicorn illustration:

“Markie boasted that she could jump higher than everyone else. They had unicorn games. Markie jumped higher than everyone else! Markie jumped further. She jumped over a rainbow in the morning and a cloud in the afternoon! One night she looked at her moon over across the purple sky. She ran faster and faster, and then Markie leaped into the upper parts of the sky. As Markie hovered directly over the amazing satellite, the sleepy moon awoke with a steady stare. Markie believed in herself and didn’t do anything other unicorns had done before.’

Instructions on How to Draw A Jumping Unicorn

Step 1

Start drawing the jumping unicorn outline by drawing the unicorn’s head. Use the curved lines to remove the forehead, muzzle, and jaw. Then use the curved lines to outline the rounded triangular eye and shade an oval inside it to show the pupil. Shade a miniature oval to create the nostril.

Step 2

Use pairs of curved lines that meet in points to draw the ears and mane. For the horn, use jagged lines that meet at a sensitive topic.

Step 3

Describe the cornet and ears with curved stripes and develop a long curved strip from the head to create the unicorn’s neck. Next, draw the jumping unicorn’s leg. Use a curved line and double it over on itself. Draw a line on the bottom of the leg to indicate the hoof.

Step 4

From the ear, extend a long curved line. It forms the neck, back, and back of the back leg. Use a shorter line to draw the back of the front leg.

Step 5

Use a curved line to draw the front of the remaining front leg. Then, the overlapping curved lines draw the abdomen and front of the extended hind leg. Encircle a crescent shape to enclose the portion and shape the hoof.

Step 6

Use the curved lines to complete the front leg and draw the remaining back portion. Again, use a short bar to mark the hooves.

Step 7

Draw the flowing mane of the jumping unicorn. Use curved lines of different lengths that meet at rough places.

Step 8

Draw the tail to complete the outline of your jumping unicorn. Use curved lines of different lengths that meet at rough places. Structure the primary color with curved lines.

Step 9

Draw A Jumping Unicorn

Structure the tail with curved lines. Then draw several similar curved stripes in the surroundings to form a rainbow.

Step 10

Juming Unicorn Drawing

Color in your cartoon of a jumping unicorn.

Drawing Completed

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