Difference Between A Pickup and A Truck – Experts Advise

Difference Between A Pickup and A Truck - Experts Advise

There are a lot of vehicles on the road. In India, on average, 80 lakh commercial trucks are employed. When people see one, some refer to a load-carrying vehicle as a truck. As a result, trucks and pickups are often confused as one. However, they are of the same nomenclature, but both are different. This blog will detail the difference between a pickup and a truck to help you understand.

But before jumping into the difference, we should know why a pickup and a truck are called one. The following are the reasons why truck and pickup are frequently used interchangeably:

  • Built on the truck platform
  • Utilises a ladder frame
  • The cab and bed are separated
  • Used to tow items
  • Has a deck to store items or transport materials

One Major Difference Between A Pickup And A Truck 

There are many differences in number. The difference, however, came down to size, capability, and intended job.

  • GVW and Cargo Capacity

The total amount of goods a vehicle can carry and transport is called cargo capacity. If we compare the physical characteristics of a truck and a pickup, we can conclude that the truck is larger than the pickup.

A pickup truck features an open or closed box for hauling lighter cargo. Some trucks also come with closed boxes, also known as cargo holds. However, commercial vehicles, such as semi trucks, trailers, and tippers, do not have cargo holds.

  • Pickups with Varying Payload Capacities

Even though pickup trucks are small, they have varying payload capacities ranging from low to high. Here is a quick guide to the different pickup trucks with differing capacities of payload that are capable of hauling:

  • Half-Ton Pickup

The payload capacity of this half-ton pickup is above 400 to 700 KG. As a result, half-ton pickup trucks are also known as light-duty vehicles. But this pickup is hardly lightweight. They are ideal for moving furniture and hauling trash. As a result, this truck is perfect for helping with small moves.

  • Three-Quarter Tons Pickup 

This is another all-purpose truck that is still perfect for driving around town. However, it has a higher load capacity. Capable of hauling loads up to 600 KG, this truck is ideal for hauling loads of dirt or sand or towing small goods.

  • One Ton Pickup

Heavy-duty pickup trucks are another name for one-ton trucks such as Ashok Leyland Bada Dost. They are ideal for construction workers, farmers, and anyone who needs to haul heavier cargo because they can haul 2,000 lbs.

  • Luxury Pickup

Luxury refers to the interior fit and finish of the vehicle. Also, various add-ons provide a more comfortable ride and gadgets and features in the cabin that offer luxury rather than performance features for the truck.

A pickup that falls into the luxury models category can be from any other pickup type, from light-duty pickup to heavy-duty pickup.

  • Different Types Of Truck

Similar to Pickup, there are different types of trucks based on the payload capacity. The three main classifications of the truck are light, medium, and heavy. One thing to note is that pickup trucks are only used for a few specific applications. That is mainly for transporting small items. On the other hand, trucks have varying payload capacities to handle various tasks.

  • Light Duty Truck

These light trucks are capable of holding their own on the job. Many light-duty trucks, such as a Tata 407 Gold SFC are used for both commercial and personal use. Light duty trucks are easily identified by their size and payload capacity. Light duty trucks have payload capacities ranging from 0 to 4536 kg.

  • Medium Duty Truck

The M2 106 model from Freightliner is a popular medium-duty option for pickup and delivery, small utility bodies, service bodies, small dumps, and lighter garbage truck applications. This truck has a payload capacity of 4536 to 11793 kg.

  • Heavy Duty Truck

Heavy-duty trucks are the most capable vehicles on the market. They are best suited for heavy commercial work. This heavy-duty truck tends to be too large and has a payload capacity of 11794 to 14969 kg and above, which makes it suitable for such heavy work.

Are You Unsure Whether To Go With A Pickup Or A Truck?

This question may cause the customer’s purchase to be muddled. However, the above distinction provided you with the major differences that would help you purchase. 

Despite the fact that you don’t understand. A truck is a heavy-duty work vehicle used to haul or tow material. At the same time, pickups are utilitarian vehicles with a bed attached. Both have a bed for storing or transporting materials.

A pickup is ideal if you run a business requiring you to transport small goods or cargo. However, a truck is the best option if you need to transport heavy goods. A truck can also travel long distances daily from one pole to another. So, your choice of vehicle between the two greatly depends on your load capacity.


Overall, both vehicles are the best and most efficient for transporting goods from one location to another. When it comes down to it, a pickup truck is a smaller vehicle used for both personal and transport purposes. While the term truck can span a much wider range of vehicles that are meant for more hardcore work.

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