3 Important Tips to Help You Choose the Right Slipcovers

Choose the Right Slipcovers

The easiest way to give a new lease of life to your old furniture by adding some contemporary touches to the style is to use slipcovers available in a variety of designs and materials that suit every need. Slipcovers are available for a range of furniture, which includes sofas and couches, chairs and recliners, futons, ottomans, and sectional sofas.

You can give a complete makeover to your couch using a sectional couch cover, provided it matches the design. Giving a facelift to your furniture will breathe new life into the space that will look bright. 

So, if you are looking for tips for choosing the right slipcovers for your home furnishings, you should read this article. We’ve discussed all the necessary tips and things that you should keep in mind while choosing slipcovers.

Measure the Furniture

If you are buying covers for your sofa, measure it correctly to ensure the best fit because it is available in specific dimensions and is not tailor-made. Remember that the cover must fit on the furniture in such a way that it is hard for people to differentiate whether it is an add-on or built-in to the furniture. To ensure the best fit, the size of the covers must match the size of the furniture.

While you can take chances with stretch slipcovers that allow some flexibility, you must be especially careful with readymade slipcovers. Measure the length of the sofa or couch from end to end, including the arms. If you are buying covers with bottom ruffles, measure the distance between the bottom of the furniture and the floor.

Choose Your Sofa Type

A well-fitted slipcover gives a seamless look to the furniture, and when buying sofa covers, you must determine the type that is right for you. Among the various options, you can consider the following according to the sofa design.

One-piece sofa covers – This traditional sofa cover provides the skirted look we are most familiar with. There are more varieties of these covers than multi-piece covers, and they are more versatile for various sofas.

Multi-piece sofa covers – Multi-piece sofa covers are best to cover sofas without letting people realise it. These covers provide a seamless and streamlined look that emulates the looks of regular upholstery. Individual covers for the seat, base, and cushions are available. 

Box cushion covers – This type of cover is for couches with rectangular or square seat cushions that remain confined within the arms. 

T-cushion slipcovers – This cover covers seat cushions extending beyond the sofa arms.

Apart from this, you should also consider your hall floor tiles design and wall colours, so your slipcovers perfectly blend with the room’s environment.

Choose the Right Fabric

The fabric is most important for slipcovers because its quality ensures the proper protection of furniture. Consider the extent of use of sofas to determine the type of fabric that can offer the best protection by staying durable, scratch-resistant, and resistant to spillages and tears.

Since slipcovers are available in various fabrics, from silk to polyester to microfibers and faux leather, it is not hard to find one that is almost indestructible. Choose the colour that matches the interior design style of your house.


Hope these tips will help you choose the right slipcovers for your furniture. You should select the covers that perfectly match your home’s environment and reflect your style and personality.

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