Bruce Weber Photographer – Low Light Photography Tips

Bruce Weber Photographer

Darkness is probably the greatest enemy of a photographer. Photos usually lose vigor and intensity when the natural light dies down. Usually darkness tones down image brightness and for this reason, photographers look for the light when they are shooting outdoors. Yet, it is not always possible to shoot in the light even if that’s what someone wants. The casual camera-happy generation can get away with refusing to shoot in the dark. However, an aspiring professional photographer cannot avoid shooting in the dark often. Bruce Weber, a well-known fashion photographer shares tips to help people shoot in the low light.

Bruce Weber Photographer – Shooting In Darkness

Bruce Weber Photographer has conducted countless photo shoots and many have taken place outdoors after the sun went down. So, Bruce knows the tricks to make photos taken in the darkness look appealing. He says that the journey begins with the right tool. Without a high-quality camera, one cannot take the right shot in the darkness. So, it becomes mandatory to own a camera that can take the perfect shot in the darkness. A DSLR will be the perfect pick in this matter.

Plan Well

Bruce reveals that planning is the greatest tool when it comes to shooting in the darkness. One needs to take a look at the setting before making any plans. It is important to understand what sort of light will work best in the setting. The idea is to bring out the best in the depth of a photograph. So, without proper planning, the task will not yield proper results. Also, one needs to find out the right time to take photos. Will it be at the dusk, or will photos look good in the deeper part of the night? A photographer with skill must possess an eye for photography. It might not be possible to choose the timing of every image. But if the situation permits, one needs to look for the perfect shooting time.

A Tripod Is Must

A good-quality tripod is required to shoot in the darkness. It keeps the camera steady and helps in taking amazing shots. Sometimes photographers face tricky settings. In such a situation, mini tripods work like wonder. Therefore, it is another expenditure that a photographer needs to make.

Go On Manual Mode

Bruce encourages aspiring photographers to go manual when they are shooting in the dark. Modern autofocus cameras are good to use in the daylight. But when it comes to taking photos at night, one needs to use manual features. Manual features ensure that the camera does not focus on anything other than the subject. Infinity mode can help in taking sharp and crisp photos.

Shooting in RAW

Aspiring photographers make the mistake of shooting JPEG images which shrinks images drastically. When shooting in dark, it is essential to go in RAW mode. Shooting in RAW helps keep images in the right proportion. It helps professionals to add a lot of space to the memory card.

Bruce Weber Photographer says that shooting in the darkness is an art that every photographer needs to master with time because one cannot always choose their shooting time.

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