Why Is Solar Panel Cleaning Necessary

Why Is Solar Panel Cleaning Necessary

Solar Panel Cleaning

After installing solar panels in your house, you are left speculating how to get a high return on investment. The best way to make your solar panels have supportive conditions for electricity production. It is possible when you keep your solar panels clean; Cleaning raises the system’s proficiency and prolongs the system’s lifespan. There are commonly seen that most clients claim that panels are not working good and complaint the company. Where in reality, the main reason is that the panel are dirty. Which becomes a hindrance to their performance and not working well. So make sure you must have to check if the panels are clean or not.

Is Solar Panel Cleaning Compulsory?

Most solar panels get self-cleaned as rain cleans a large part of the hindering pollen or dirt. Still, a few cases may make solar panel cleaning important. One such case is when solar panels mount at a shallow angle. This mounting does not permit all gather dirt to be wash away, making it compulsory to clean your solar panels regularly.

 Another condition that warrants the regular Cleaning of solar panels is particular, localized circumstances. The best example is when you live next to an agricultural field, a factory next to a highway, and an airport runway. These places produce more dirt than my regular Cleaning. Moreover, bird droppings can hinder sunlight, therefore disturbing the performance of the solar panel systems. Flatiron Solar is a reliable solar company that does Solar Panel Installation Frederick MD.

How Is Solar Panel Cleaning Done?

Solar panel cleaning activity relies on the kind of dirt on the modules. The best time to rinse your solar is when they are not. Also, the suggested time is early in the morning or in the evening. Cleaning them mid-day may crack the glass, or if it does not break, you can damage the metal and glass because of the high temperatures.


Dirt must never scrub from the solar panels. Scrubbing can eliminate the non-reflective coatings that may be on the panels or damage the glass forever on the glass pane. Loose dirt can be eliminated by sweeping, this process evades water waste and is simple, and you only require a good broom to perform the task. You can also depend on the rain if you have a better amount of rainfall in your area. Also, maintenance is the key to increasing the advantages you get from solar panels. Some main things to remember when cleaning your solar panel system are:

  • Utilize a soft sponge and biodegradable soap to eliminate dirt and muddy build-up on your panels.
  • Evade utilizing water on the panels when they are hot, for example, during a holiday. The best time to rinse the panels is in the morning or evening.

Do not utilize sharp metal objects to eliminate elements such as bird droppings.

The Cleaning Method

  • Spray all panels with water to eliminate any debris or gunk. Mix the cleaning chemical with water in the buckets.
  • Utilize a soft bristle brush, dip it in the bucket and scrub the solar panels.
  • Continue with this process until you effectively eliminate all the gunk off the panel.
  • Initiate to sponge the panels until there is no water left on them.
  • Put everything away and repeat the method every six months. By doing this, your solar panels will immaculate while generating much energy as feasible.
  • The dirty panels are not efficient in working. It is because dirt prevents light from the impact on the cells.

Why Cleaning Panels Vital?

Your solar panels need to be cleaned after a specific time. Light cannot enter the solar panels because of dirt. Additionally, solar panels function by allowing light to reach the solar cells. The solar cells cannot receive light because of bird droppings, dust, or pollen, which eventually produces less energy.

Prevention From Dust and Dust Build

The accumulation of dust clouds on solar panels reduces the working capacity. If you keep your solar panels dirty, then you cannot perform at the optimum level.

Clear The Bird Droppings

Most solar panels are positioned in a way that they can get bird droppings. And they are not washed away by rain and require manual Cleaning. They also become the cause of preventing sunlight to solar cells resulting in a decrease in power production. Are you in search of premium panels? Boulder Solar Companies provide quality panels.

Warranty Of Panels

Most solar producers entail solar Cleaning as a condition in their firm. If your solar panel gets damaged, it cannot work, and the warranty may not recover the panel. It implements a scenario where you cannot prove to the producers that you had been managing them will.

Enhance Performance

According to research, clean solar panels can operate at a level over ten percent higher than unclean ones. Therefore, to keep the solar panels operating at their best, regularly clean them.

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