Whom ‘NOT’ to Marry in Kumhar Matrimony

Kumhar matrimony

Do you wish to be aware of the red flags before looking for the grooms in your community? Well, the article is a complete guide for the same. Make sure you do not marry this a person with these traits or behavior while your groom search in Kumhar matrimony. 

Marriage is once in a lifetime for most people in India. Naturally, none of us can afford to commit mistakes while looking for a life partner in Kumhar matrimony. However, the situation becomes more complicated for women as they are the one who leaves everything behind to spend a life with a whole new family. So, it is imperative that Kumahr brides keep these things in mind before marrying someone in Kumhar matrimony. Also, keep a close watch on a person to figure out all his good-bad habits you have to deal with. Keep reading to know more!

Too Controlling or Possessive

Though many girls rejoice over their partner’s controlling or over-protective nature at first, it might become a lifetime of headache after marriage. You must remember that there is a thin line between caring and controlling. Kumhar brides need to acknowledge that soon and before the wedlock in Kumhar matrimony!

So, if he is keeping track of all your activities, making plans on your behalf often, and totally disregards your priorities, he cannot be the one. Also, possessiveness and insecurities can only be tolerated only until it hasn’t already started suffocating you. After a while, you might want to tread in different directions for freedom. Thus, meet your would-be groom a lot more often before finally getting married and explore his nature for better married life.

Not Responsible Enough!

Now, you might wonder, how to measure if he is responsible ‘enough’ to get married. Well, a simple answer to this question is hidden in his daily conduct. A Kumhar bride has to notice every small detail like;

  • His priorities
  • His ability to bridge the gap between you and his family
  • Approach to tackle a situation
  • Actions about securing future
  • Investment plans
  • Way he treats you
  • How he is keeping work life balance

All these little yet crucial points will help you identify easily if he is responsible enough to be your groom in Kumhar matrimony. If you have already found someone fulfilling these criteria, there is nothing to deny this guy!

Trying to Parent You

Most girls are inflicted with the idea that after her father, her husband becomes the guardian post marriage. The same idea is nurtured by most families and men born there. So, if any guy trying to parent or order you about things is definitely not the one. 

Girls must remember that they are an adult and fully capable to take their own decisions. You cannot let anyone including your husband or parents drive your life. Two people have equal accountability, rights, and position in marriage and none of them can get authoritative over others at any cost. You already had a guardian, you married to find a life partner. So, do not let anyone including the Kumhar groom to treat you otherwise.

Opposite Thought Process

Though opposite attracts but is it always the case? Actually, it depends a lot on how two people see each other. Your partner is called your betterhalf for a reason. It is actually good to possess qualities your betterhalf lacks and vice-versa. But a completely different thought process is usually the reason for problematic marriage. So, it will be helpful to talk about the things that actually matter to you. For instance, your job, living place, family planning, finance, etc are some imperative topics to be discussed to understand if you are getting into a compatible relationship.

So, these are some of the ‘must discuss’ points to analyze your marital relationship with him. Obviously, if you do not get satisfactory responses on all these topics, your marriage might be problematic. Maybe you need to keep searching for a compatible partner for yourself. 

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