What’s There to Explore in Goa?


Goa is an ancient old city known for its magnificent weather and is still the number one tourist place in the world. Moreover, people from all over the globe visit Goa to witness the untold glory of this place. Besides, Goa is a worthy place that makes your experience authentic and unforgettable. 

As the origin of Goa, it is known by several names, including Golem, Gopakapuri, Gomantak, and Govapuri. People from ancient times know these names. Besides, the locals of Goa always welcome every tourist with joy and kindness. 

Goa is a gem because of its beautiful culture and tradition. The house and architecture are made from ancient colonial times. Therefore, the historical churches and convents are considered UNESCO world heritage sites. You should include those places in your list. 

Furthermore, Goa is highly popular for its overwhelming beaches. Offer you the most alluring side of Goa, including white sand and a blue ocean connected to the Arabian sea under the bright sunlight. Moreover, the side shacks are the major attraction of all time. Besides, they offer an exquisite view of the breathtaking beach with delicious food under it. They offer top and international drinks that give immense pleasure. Moreover, they include a stay option, which offers massive comfort under the mesmerizing weather of the ocean. 

Goa is well known for its colorful houses, soothing landscapes, and lush forest greenery, and they give every tourist an impeccable feel. Moreover, stretch out to the west coast of the Indian ocean peninsula to witness better beaches. 

Besides, Goa is happening throughout the year, but the most beautiful time to visit is between October and February. You will witness more exciting and fun, with excellent water activities, especially for swim lovers. Therefore, the festivals and carnivals are an integral part of this glorious city, and you witness numerous events throughout the year. All are full, crowded, and engaging, so missing them would be a compromise deal for you. 

So, plan an exciting trip, as there is an excellent Lucknow to Goa package that makes your trip worthwhile. 

Tempting Interests 

Goa is home to numerous places and never disappoints you with the experience. Go through these under-mentioned attractions of Goa to get a better understanding. 

Astonishing Architecture 

Goa is known and famous for its unique architecture, monuments, churches, and temples. People are so attracted to this, especially locals. Besides, everyone who visits there finds the dazzling beauty that reflects the culture of Goa. Some of the most prominent architecture includes the Basilica of Bom Jesus, the church of our lady of immaculate conception, and Se Cathedral. 

Furthermore, they are all magnificent and made up of stone and marble, making every tourist eager to revisit. 

Beaches Shacks 

Shacks are the most beautiful stay option to choose from. It gives sightseeing of beaches, and you can enjoy yummy food and drinks. Moreover, it is entirely worth it to lay on them, and it rejuvenates you with joy and happiness under the mesmerizing weather. Besides, they are all affordable, so choosing them would be the best option. 

Furthermore, these sea-facing shacks are available on almost every beach. So have one time experience with it, and you will love it. 


Feni is the primary specialty drink of Goa, and its availability is massive throughout the whole city. Moreover, you can find it anywhere, and people who are lovers of alcohol should try it. Besides, it consists of the sap of cashew, nuts, and coconuts, distilled and fermented around 25-30 % of the pack. 

Furthermore, the most famous Feni of Goa includes cashew and toddy farm feni. Both have a strong aftertaste and feel, which is pretty distinctive, and these elements make them unique. 

The Art & Craft

Craft and art of Goa are so popular among the people, which shows this place’s authentic culture and tradition. Moreover, the prominent craft of Goa is found in small markets, which offer you magnificent work, including seashell craft, bamboo craft, wood carving, and papier- mache. 

Moreover, the culture of these flea and small markets are crowded and noisy, where you get multicolored souvenirs made by the locals. Hence, you will get the best shopping experience there. 

Major Culture & Tradition

Goa is well known for its perfect blend of Indian and Portuguese cultures. The locals of Goa are amiable and helpful. Moreover, during the colonial period, Portuguese rule influenced the culture in numerous ways. Additionally, Portuguese culture represents the Goan culture even to date. The food, place, weather, and shopping places will make you love this city environment. 

In addition, the tradition of Goa is derived from multiple religions, including Hindu, Christian, and Muslim origin, but still, Goa represent the unique one. The environment of Goa is tropical and colorful, giving every visitor a vibrant feel. 

Xacuti Dish 

Xacuti is a signature dish of Goa, and it is prepared with unique aromatic ingredients and spices. Besides, it consists of grated and sliced coconuts, prawns, pieces of meat, and species. They all make it delicious, and people worldwide come to have this authentic dish. 

Paleo Dish

Paleo is a famous dish throughout Goa served with yellow turmeric, including jaggery, dal, rice, and sliced coconuts. Besides, it is served with one more ingredient of rice cake named Idli. 

Hence, both Xacuti and Patoleo are the major attractions of Goa, and both come under budget. Moreover, if you haven’t tried it, try it once, making you eager to revisit it. 

Wrapping Up

Henceforth, this is the full significance of Goa. Note down all the points to get the massive adventure of this glorious place. Plan a trip that covers all your expenses and travel charges under the Goa trip package from Delhi, Mumbai, and Lucknow. 

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