What is the Role of a Dedicated Server?

managed dedicated server

Today, choosing a server for hosting a website can be a hassle for numerous people. But, with the right knowledge about the servers, you can choose the best server for hosting. When you are looking for hosting, a dedicated server will be an ideal solution. But, dedicated servers require some effort at your end from setting up the infrastructure to managing the server as well as regular updates. 

Besides, the good news is that many dedicated server hosting providers offer managed dedicated servers. And a managed dedicated server provides the opportunity to handle all the aspects of server maintenance as well as management.

In today’s blog, we will walk a managed dedicated server and its major key gains over an unmanaged dedicated server. So, let’s we should come to the points directly.

Managed Dedicated Server: What is It?

You can “hire” a complete server through managed dedicated server hosting without having to manage it yourself. The time-consuming activities of operating system updates, storage upgrades, backups, security patches, and performance optimization will be taken care of for you by the hosting provider.

Businesses without internal IT staff or those that wish to free up their IT team to concentrate on other duties can use managed dedicated servers.

Top Key Gains of Managed Dedicated Server Over Unmanaged Dedicated Server

Well, there are numerous key gains that are provided by a managed dedicated server. They are the following. So, let’s we should come to the points directly.

1. Expertise in Technology:

In managed dedicated server, don’t need to worry about regular backups for your data as well as timely upgrades. This is because a hosting service provider will do the same for you. As result, you will know your server will perform at its best which will enhance the user experience. 

2. Time-Saving:

In managed dedicated server, the time you will spend on managing the server could be better used on the other essential tasks of your business. In this, the hosting service provider will handle the installation, integration, and maintenance works and also provide the chance to run and grow your business. Whereas in an unmanaged dedicated server you have to do everything by yourself.

3. Scalability:

Your business will demand more resources as it grows. If you don’t upgrade to meet those needs, your website’s performance might suffer and you might have to pay for unplanned downtime.

You may increase your server resources on a managed dedicated server without worrying about manually moving to another server. You can be sure that the hosting company has the assets and know-how necessary to support the growth of your business.

4. Cost-Saving:

A managed dedicated server is a cost-saving server hosting. This is because a hosting provider handles all the technicalities. So that you can cut the cost of server setup and regular maintenance. Hence it allows you to spend your budget in some other areas of the business.


A managed dedicated server provides numerous key gains over the unmanaged dedicated server to the user. When you leave everything to the hosting provider then you have enough time to focus on the other aspects that will help to grow your business. You will be relaxed after knowing that there is a pro team on top of your IT infrastructure that provides better performance round of the clock. 

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