What Is Immigration Management: Here Is What You Need Know!


Immigration management oversees a company’s regulations, compliance, and international immigration policies, practices, and activities. This involves creating and implementing policies and procedures relating to hiring foreign workers and ensuring the business complies with all applicable laws and regulations. In addition to helping workers get work visas and green cards, immigration management entails helping them settle into life in a foreign nation. The three main components of immigration management are LCA, PAF (L1-L5), and I9. Various immigration management software is available in the market to ease various processes & attain the objective of immigration management. 

Labor Condition Application: What is it? 

The first stage of the immigration management procedure is the LCA. It is an online employment board where employers can list positions open to international candidates, and recruiters can look for openings that fit their client’s requirements.

Every employer who hires a foreign worker must complete an LCA. The LCA contains details about the job offered, the pay, the location, and the length of employment. Following federal law, employers must also prove they are qualified to hire an immigrant worker. When a company hires a foreign worker, the LCA must be submitted to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) within seven days. When employers choose immigration management software, it makes the process more effortless & time-saving. 

Public Access files: The Next Step 

Employers who sponsor H-1B foreign workers must maintain the worker’s immigration records. The whole public ought to have access to these documents.

A copy of the completed LCA and the H-1B employee’s pay rate must be included in the PAF, along with evidence of the notice issued to other employees regarding the employment opportunity. It should also list the advantages provided to US and H-1B workers.

Keep your PAFs and other housing documentation orderly because the Department of Labor can appear before or during your business day. Failure to keep up with mandatory filing can lead to fines, civil penalties, and suspension from the H-1B program. Implementation of immigration software helps keep track of essential files. To prevent paying hefty fines after a year, it’s crucial to frequently verify that all requirements have been satisfied, whether you use a digital or paper filing method.

I9 Compliance

Employers use the I-9 form to confirm the identification and employment authorization of people employed for jobs in the US. To ensure each employee’s identification and eligibility for employment, every US company must make sure that every employee fills out and signs an I-9 form.

Regardless of their immigration status, all new hires must complete the I-9 form. If an employee is rehired within three years of their first hire date, the employer must reevaluate their employment eligibility.

It is crucial to utilize the most recent version of the I-9 form because there are various variations. The form is available on the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website. 

Employers must fill out the I-9 form with the employee’s personal information, including complete name, birthdate, and Social Security number. The employee’s work authorization status and, if relevant, its expiration date must also be entered by the company.

To End: How Immigration Management Software Makes it Easy?  

  • Immigration software automates the paperwork and documentation process and reduces human errors. 
  • Ensure all staff LCAs are utilized and updated accurately by monitoring them from a single dashboard.
  • Once your LCAs are in the system, you can quickly build a Public Access File that complies with all requirements.

And there are many more benefits!! With a few clicks, you can use immigration software like Imagility to get things done.

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