What do you understand by Trademark renewals? And its profit


A business proprietor utilizes a trademark to differentiate its goods or services from its competitors trading in similar aspects. After trademark registration, its symbols, logos, labels, and names are represented with “®” in the right-hand corner top inside the circle prominently.

The credibility of registering the trademark in Turkey is for 10 years. This registered trademark can also be renewed for another 10 years in a prescribed manner with prescribed fees.

The technique for trademark renewals in Turkey is almost similar to other terrains.

The stipulated format to renew a registered trademark is the TM-R form.

For the TM-R renewal application, can be filed by a registered proprietor or authorized agent assigned by the proprietor with specified fees within one year before the due date of renewal of the registered symbol. In case failure of TM-R form submission happens along with the prescribed fees per class then the registered mark is to be removed from the register of trademarks.

In case a registered trademark is due for renewal, it can be renewed at anytime within six months from the time of renewal date or might be renewed after the renewal due date.

In case it is done after the due date, on such an occasion, the registered trademark can be renewed by the payment of renewal fees with restoration fees.

However, if the specified format along with the prescribed fees is not deposited within the specified-period then the trademark is subjected to be dispelled from the register-of-trademarks, and also registrar of the trademark-publishes that application details to the trademark journal.


Advantages of Trademark in Turkey:-

Here lies the welfare of trademark registration in Turkey –

  1. Secures brand value, creates trust, and expansion of goodwill.

Trademarks are recognized as the identities of the founded brands that can create trust and goodwill among the customers in the market. This also supports in holding the existing customers and alluring probable clients or consumers for the same.

  1. Offers you the sole right of proprietorship.

The sole proprietor of the registered trademark enjoys exclusive ownership right over it. Besides enjoying the sole proprietorship, the proprietor can also prevent unauthorized persons from using their means. It also offers the actual-right to sue for the unauthorized use of the registered trademark.

  1. Helps in the creation of the indispensable exclusive asset.

It assures that the same unchanged quality in the source of the goods and services, which is known by all for the trademark and enriches the belief and reputation among customers. It also supports holding permanence among the customers. Trademark registration helps to create an indispensable exclusive asset – to be precise, intangible assets are those types of property that cannot be touched or seen, for example., patents copyright franchises goodwill trade meals, and trade names registered intellectual property that can be sold, assigned, license, transmitted, franchise, or commercially contracted.

  1. Discriminate the product or services. 

Trademark makes it very simple for customers to locate a product or service. It distinguishes the products or services from that of the existing and foreseen competitors and acts as an efficient commercial tool. Gadgets, insignia, and brands can confer vision, standard, or distinct features of your company.

  1. Identification of product grade or service.

It also assures the same unchanged grade of the source of goods or services. Customers generally associate the product and service standard with the brand name and also make the market with the ideal of a specified brand that helps them to attract probable consumers.

  1. The Registered proprietor-of-the Brand can Use the ® symbol over the Trademark.

The proprietor of the registered trademark can use the symbol over the brand whenever it gets registered, this sign reveals that the trademark is registered and no one is going to use the right for the same goods or services in the same category without the consent of the registered trademark proprietor.

  1. Safeguard against trademark infringement.

The registered symbol cannot be utilized by anyone without the consent of the registered proprietor of the brand. In case it is utilized without the approval of a registered proprietor or operated for any decent tips similar or identical utilization of trademark the registered proprietor can take legal actions as per the trademark act in the Turkish legislation and restrict the person from using the authorized symbol.

  1. Got protection of the registered trademark for 10 Years at a low cost.

The online trademark application method is the most economical, fast & dependable. Once you make your trademark registration you have only to renew the registered mark in time. The trademark renewal in Turkey is cost-effective and also supports holding a unique identity for a long time.

Final Consideration:-

So, this is all about the information on trademark renewals in Turkey and the welfare you are going to enjoy from it. I expect that you have been able to get hold of the exact information regarding this subject. As a registered proprietor even if you desire to register the same trademark in any terrain except Turkey then in that case the registered proprietor can demand the Prior user or priority claim for a trademark registered in Turkey based on registered in Turkish.

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