What are the major 6 advantages of React Native?



Cross-platform software development has seen a boom in popularity in recent years. As competition increases, the demand for a simple framework also rises. Also, there is a requirement for a framework that utilizes one platform yet runs on two separate operating systems. This is where React Native plays its major role.

It is an open-source framework that helps to construct applications for platforms such as Android and iOS and was able to meet the demand. However, it is a popular JavaScript-based framework for mobile app development, and many developers use React Native to create natively-rendered applications for Android and iOS. With this framework, you may create an app for multiple platforms with a single codebase. Therefore, to become proficient in this framework, you should go on to choose to React Native Training in Noida as your preferred option.

React Native: Meaning

React Native is an open-source mobile application framework for developing cross-platform mobile apps. Facebook created this app in March 2015 helps to create applications for Android, iOS, Web apps, and macOS. Also, it enables you to develop native mobile applications with JavaScript. Usually, your mobile app would be programmed in Java for Android and Swift/Obj-C for iOS. However, React Native eliminates this barrier, allowing developers to create fully functional mobile apps for both platforms in less time and with only one coding language.

Advantages of React Native

There are several advantages of using React Native for mobile application development. However, the top benefits are as follows:

     ● Cheaper than Native Development

Using React Native, you have to build one application in JavaScript. On the other hand, a native method necessitates creating two applications from scratch for iOS and Android. As React Native requires only one line of code, you can reduce the cost of two development teams and save twice as much money on construction and maintenance.

     ● Speeds up the development Process

One of the most intriguing features of React Native is its quick development time. However, you may accelerate the process by utilizing the several prepared components. Moreover, developers can save up to 40% by using React Native.

     ● Simple User Interface

React Native mobile app development appears to be a JS library rather than a framework due to its mobile UI. However, you may operate the application development more efficiently. Thus, the designed user interfaces are more reliable and have a shorter load time.

     ● Compatible with Third-Party Plugins

It supports third-party plugins, with a few alternative options that include native and JavaScript components. This is due to the absence of some modules in the core framework. For instance, if an app developer wants to integrate Google Maps into his mobile app, React Native will allow him to link the plugin with a third-party or native module.

     ● Large Developer Community

It is an open-source JavaScript platform that allows developers to contribute their skills to framework development. However, a large community’s support is also advantageous because it enables you to share your experiences and portfolios to improve your coding experience.

     ● Modular Architecture

Using Modular Programming, you can segregate program functionality into interchangeable units known as modules. It is a software method that allows for more flexible development and improves the interaction between them to get updates.

Due to its simple modular architecture, React Native developers can easily modify their projects. The modules, like the programs, may be reused for mobile and online APIs.


Finally, React Native is a valuable framework in the worldwide developer community for expediting development, lowering total software development costs, and utilizing well-known technologies such as JavaScript. Moreover, it is the best alternative for mobile app development due to its efficient feature of reusing modules and scripts and other significant benefits like stability, hot reloading, and a large community. Therefore, React Native Training Institute in Delhi is the preferred option for all individuals who wish to make a career in this domain.

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