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I am going to be talking about the reference list the dreaded reference list it’s like when you would ask someone at uni like have you done your reference list in university no even I would leave it last minute and regret it so bad my third year i still haven’t learned but anyway i have a little. I want to say chichi but it’s not cheating little tips and tricks that are really going to help.

You step up your reference list it’s so long to do it but you can really change your grade. It can really be that defining points that change your grade so you really want to be making sure you are putting. The effort into it it’s somewhere. You can get easy marks once you understand how to properly do it. You can really get some easy marks there your essay and actually writing your assignment is the difficult part so doesn’t lose out in. There are many students who faces difficulties in their assignments and take assistance from spss assignment help who are best academic assistance providers in uk.

Get Best References:

Those marks i gave you the last two posts but i just want to again give some background because. An   in case you were new here and you’ve just found this through reference list. I want to give the background so everyone knows before watching this because according to thesis writing experts who help many students in their studies. I don’t want it to put anyone like off I don’t know if you have watched the other posts if you don’t want to hear me give the background.

Then skip to this basically i wanted to say because. I know if i was watching someone saying like yeah. I got like 95 i got a first class with honors which in the uk is like highest that it’s like oh well she must have had loads. Help like she must have been tutored at school and her parents helped her and they have money and you know like that’s the kind of stuff i would think or that. She’s really naturally smart. I actually come from no money i left home at 16. i was actually an independent.

A student with no help i didn’t ever have tutors i wasn’t ever helped my dad’s first language isn’t even English. That’s definitely not the case and also as far as being like really naturally smart that’s not the case either. I was never like really bad but i was never like really really good.

Either i always did like okay or i also found out in my final year that i was dyslexic so i’m actually dyslexic and i had no support because. A didn’t find out until my final year i found out at the end so i was actually hindered if anything by being dyslexic. I don’t say that to make me sound brilliant i say that to show you guys that these things are barriers like being dyslexic and having no support is a massive.

Finished top of your class:

Barrier not having parents that have put you through tuition when loads of students have and you know not having that massive support system. Being super smart like they’re barriers but they don’t have to stop you i still got first class and finished top of my class because. A worked harder yes i had to work harder i had to work longer than everyone else but you can still. Do it just put in that effort and you can still do it it was such a kick in the stomach finding out as dyslexic so. I was like wow that’s why it’s been so difficult and i haven’t had any support that’s just a bit of backstory so you guys know that you can do it too if i can you can oh also just a little disclaimer.

I went to uni in the uk my uni did Harvard referencing differently you do different referencing styles make sure you know which is your referencing style enough of that let’s talk reference list number one is one that your tutors should have said to you but i’m just going to reiterate. It do not reference Wikipedia don’t do it don’t reference websites that are just like random websites don’t reference Wikipedia. The only websites i would reference are business websites if I’m talking about that business. I study business and marketing so like if i’m talking about Vodafone.

How to achieve first place:

I will reference their website that’s fine and websites that were dot org or dot edu so it’s like an organization you refrain from using too many websites anyway but definitely. Do not use wikipedia as a reference source do not use random websites like bill’s blog because? They are not university standard references this is going to be a little tip that’s going to help you with the whole like sorting of the reference list so i did in first year and it. Really really messed me up don’t make up the saying i did i would write the reference like in my essay then. I would put like name it in like the bottom of the document then i would like just put the link to whatever it was or write whatever it was and i wouldn’t actually create the references so then once i finish my essay.

Create the whole reference

I have to create the whole reference list which just took forever and then have to like alphabetically do that because. I was really special this is proof i wasn’t that smart i didn’t realize that on word i could alphabetically order it so that’s another tip onward. You can highlight it and alphabetically order that whole section so you don’t have to i was sitting there going like a b c d oh that goes that a b and also use a generator you can use a generator check through it but use one they are great tools i found a few online ones i will leave them down below it would create it for you and then you had your reference list a lot of them are like you only can have like 10 references or something.

So i would just copy that put that into my word document and then do 10 more use a generator they are really handy you don’t have to write it all out i remember doing that in first year so i had this like handbook of references and I’d go back and be like right here so date and then it letter and then um book title has to be in italics definitely keep that manual at hand though because. Some generators they don’t do it exactly because. A  went to union Manchester which had Harvard referencing for its own style so some stuff was different to actual Harvard referencing so. I would go through them and read them and check them and like tweak anything that i needed your tutor again should be telling.


You this but make sure you’re not using too many websites in general you want to have books you want to have academic books your reading list is there for a reason you want to be referencing that reading list i’m going to give you a massive tip. Honestly wait for my final tip once i told my friend like after he was like you’ve just changed my life so please wait. For that tip i always tried to make sure my whole reading list was in my reference list always but also other books. That have nothing to do with your subject so academic books i spoke in one of my essays about communism.

Instead of like finding a reference for what communism are in one of my books my academic books i found a whole book about communism a whole history book like an academic book. About communism it’s not my subject but it shows extra reading and you’re really looking into the subject and you’re really spending the time to look in the subject did i read that communism book no i skim read. It i got it from the library i went through it i found a definition of communism in it i wrote it out okay next is the longer. The better the reference list mine was so so long i’ll show you an example because. You are doing.

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