Types of Curriculums and Learning Support Available at International Schools in Malaysia


International schools offer services to students with various requirements, learning styles, and life experiences. To promote inclusiveness in education, international schools in Malaysia have relentlessly improved accessibility and simplicity of learning.

Every parent must know the standard of care and support offered at foreign schools. If your kids need more help from the teachers or an extended curriculum, you must understand how learning support at foreign schools can help them.

  • Special Needs

Many foreign schools offer departments and teachers specializing in assisting students with various learning needs to succeed in their academic endeavors. Students with dyslexia, attention-deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD), students on the autistic spectrum, students with physical impairments, and more are all catered to in these sessions.

Many international igcse school are prepare

d to accommodate and support children, ensuring that everyone can study, keep up with the curriculum, and participate in class and other activities, even if not every international school has a specific department or team for kids with special needs.

  • Improvement in English language communication

 Many students from different curricula and from outside enroll in international schools for better learning opportunities and to improve their English communication skills. For these kids and other variations, international schools have established English as an Additional Language (EAL) program.

Numerous initiatives are designed to aid non-native English speakers in developing their language abilities and adjusting to the teaching style. Students are guided in small groups and will receive the necessary linguistic assistance. While children ages 11 to 14 can enroll in intensive English classes for disciplines like mathematics, science, and the humanities, These sessions concentrate on improving their speaking, listening, and writing skills. International students are welcome to enroll in these programs and improve their command of the language.

  • Mentoring

Students in international schools are encouraged to have a sense of community, which fosters generosity and friendship. Additionally, with tutoring and mentorship, children will develop greater selflessness, confidence, and helpfulness when assisting their peers. These schools allow students to receive one-on-one guidance from a Form Tutor who is allocated to them.

Until they graduate, students are divided into smaller groups where they learn, work together, and support one another. The form tutor offers assistance by giving academic advice, life skills, and mental health advice.

  • Counseling

International schools have implemented a comprehensive counseling program open to all students to make schools more inviting and secure for pupils. Counseling sessions in foreign schools guide students in navigating daily life, caring for their mental health, and offering emotional support, and assistance in achieving academic success.

Students are encouraged to seek school counselors whenever they need aid because plenty of trained counselors are available on campus to support schools. Their pastoral and boarding staff serve as a point of contact for both students and parents and are available to support students emotionally, socially, and in terms of their general well-being.

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