Town Star: What is it; Know the ways to earn from it

Town Star: What is it; Know the ways to earn from it

There have been new innovations in the crypto world to take notice of. There are many topics a crypto enthusiast can search for. There are websites like Cryptoknowmics, where you can explore numerous topics including 4-digit ENS Opensea and various other crypto-related queries via blogs and articles. Turning on to the gaming industry there have been remarkable developments with new excitement and challenges here. Now it is possible to own NFT assets and earn tokens for making fast money as a newer income source. The Gala’s Town Star comes as a new example of an NFT game that we are going to talk about in this article today. 


Town Star: what is it?


If you are familiar with Echoes of Empire, Spider Tank, and Mirandus, then Town Star is also a new addition to the Gala’s Play-to-Earn games. Players are at the advantage of creating their own NFT empires and can generate money by earning TOWN coins as in-game assets. 


Players can opt for two options. They can either achieve their quest or can earn Town Coin by using NFT items. While the Gala tokens will be given to the top 400 ranked users on the leaderboard. If you have loved playing Hay-Day, then you might also like playing the Town Star game as it has been inspired by its concept of imitating farming and building a town. Players have the opportunity to move over their creativity and decide their desired plots and development of towns with in-game resources. 


According to a recent crypto news update, The LBank Exchange has now listed TOWN, the native crypto token of Town Star on 2nd September 2022. Town Star lets players own their in-game items and earn rewards for playing. While discussing Town Star, you must be willing to know who is behind the foundation of this technology. 


Eric Schiermeyer is the man behind its development. He is the co-founder of a gaming company, Zynga, and is also credited for the success of the farming game, FarmVille. 

It was Eric Schiermeyer who introduced Town Star to Gala Network and made it grab the attention of the public by adapting the concepts of Farmville. 


Town Star features


Below are some of the features of Town Star that you can enjoy. 


Multiple game servers: To explore the universe of Town Star, there comes a free service that is available for trial gameplay. After 30 days, it can be reset again. But no substantial reward is expected to be provided. 


Weekly competition server: This is the actual field of Town Star where players can make the best use of their time and can become participants in the in-game tournaments where they can earn rewards. Every week, the server will be reset. 


3 different types of lands you will see in Town Star


There are 3 categories classified in Town Star


Desert: Here you won’t expect any ponds, trees, or grasses. In this game, players can manufacture glass bottles to manufacture wine. This is the most complex scenario of the Town Star game. 


Forest: This will include ponds, biome’s woods, and craftable things that seem the best place to begin the game. But the major downside of this type of land is the high expenditure to wipe off the forest property. This makes it very cumbersome to scale up a town.


Plain: Here players would not find many ponds and trees, but there will be abundant grasses. At present, the plain biomes are very populated. 


Brief about TOWN


After knowing the Town Star features, now you must know about its native token TOWN. The creation of this token was done by Gala Games. It is the official reward token for its gaming platform Town Star. Through TOWN, you can buy some special NFT items depending if you hold the latter native token. Players have the advantage to enjoy numerous in-game upgrades and benefits like Town Power and Gala Power. The TOWN is an ERC-20 token with a 1 billion total supply. As mentioned above it has been listed on LBank Exchange on 2nd September 2022. 


NFT In-Game Assets


The NFT in-game assets are classified into 3 different categories:


The first one is NFT Town Star Bots. These are the Autobots in Town Starts that are more powered than the current tools. They help ease the responsibilities of players like Cranebot replacing Town Star Builder House with x3 movement speed and Elfbot which helps pick crops for harvesters and farmers. 


The second one is NFT Town Star Resource Strands. It ensures the availability of crops at a consistent rate. Resource Strands like Wheat Strands and Sugar Strands offer wheat and sugarcane to the nearby areas. 


The third one is NFT Town Star Extra Storage. In this case, your Silo’s extended mechanisms are used for escalating the crops preserved by you. NFT Grape Storage is one such example. It is a grape where grapes are stored with numerous rareness, and there is NFT Sugarcane Storage that is meant for storing sugarcane. 


Ending note


To understand how to play the Town Store game, you can watch it on YouTube where you will get a step-by-step guide for it. Explore more other information on topics like 5-digit ENS domains available on Cryptoknowmics. It is the best website to explore a range of topics. So do sign up on the website if you haven’t yet. 


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