Tips for Hand Washing Down Jackets


The weather is getting warmer. Last year’s down jackets should be put away. Some people may send them directly to dry cleaners. In fact, down jackets cannot be dry-cleaned. Now 90% of down jackets need to be washed by hand. you can also check at amazon discount code NHS.

Today I will introduce a few Tips for hand-washing down jackets, do it yourself, wear it with confidence, simple and safe!


  1. If the part is dirty, wipe it with a hot towel. Wash the down jacket once, and wear it once less. If the down jacket is only dirty on the collar or cuffs, first put a few drops of hand washing liquid on the dirty place, and wipe it with a wet towel after 5 minutes. Just do it.
  2. Do not wash with washing powder. The main component of down jackets is protein fiber. The alkaline content of washing powder is too high.
  3. Washing with washing powder will easily damage the protective film on the surface of the fiber. Therefore, when washing down jackets, try to use special cleaning agents for down jackets or laundry detergent.
  4. The water temperature should not be too hot. Soak the down jacket in cold water for 20 minutes to make the down jacket completely wet. Squeeze some laundry detergent and stir until it foams, then soak the down jacket. Remember, the water temperature must be below 30 degrees.
  5. Never rub or wring the down jacket. Soak the down jacket in a basin with laundry detergent for 10 minutes, and then start cleaning.
  6. Don’t rub it with your hands, use a soft brush, and then wash it with water several times to make sure the laundry detergent is cleaned. Do not twist after washing, just squeeze it with your hands.
  7. Wash the oil stains on the down jacket with toothpaste 90 Fashion. If the down jacket is accidentally splashed with oil stains, you can squeeze a little toothpaste and moisten it with a few drops of water, and apply it evenly on the oil stains. After the foam is cleaned, you will find that the oil stains are gone.


  • Note that the down jacket should be fully sun-dried before being packed in a breathable bag, and then placed in a ventilated wardrobe without heavy pressure on it.

How to hand wash down jacket

Usually, there are two ways to wash down jackets by yourself. If you are lazy, you can use the washing machine, and if you are hardworking, you can knead them in the basin by yourself.

The down jacket has been washed in the washing machine, which saves trouble, but the down jacket after washing becomes dry and has no texture.

The down inside is not only lumpy and bumpy, but also leaks, and the sweater is often covered with down. Later, I switched to hand washing, and after washing the down jacket as usual.

The fluffy and soft feeling of the down jacket completely disappeared, and there were still white marks left on the down jacket caused by a few washing powders.

Someone said, don’t bother, send it to the dry cleaner for dry cleaning. Little do they know that the liquid medicine used for dry cleaning will affect the warmth retention of the down jacket, aging the fabric and down, and the residual chemical liquid medicine will be harmful to health. You can also view at ebay discount code NHS

In fact, it is not impossible to wash down jackets in the washing machine. But the premise is that you have checked that the washing machine does have the function of washing down jackets.

In addition, there are many types of down jackets, so you should also check the washing label of your down jacket to see if there is a reminder that it is suitable for machine washing.

Currently in the market, most down jackets are marked to be hand washed. Because hand washing can control the strength of washing and minimize the adverse effects of washing on down jackets, it can be said to be the safest and most effective washing method.


  • clear water
  • soft brush
  • detergent
  • edible vinegar


  • First, completely immerse the down jacket in cold water for about 20 minutes to fully moisten the down jacket;
  • Take an appropriate amount of detergent, dissolve it in warm water at 30°C and stir evenly, then soak the down jacket in it for about 15 minutes;
  • Take the down jacket out of the water, lay it flat on a clean platform, use a soft brush dipped in washing liquid, and gently scrub the down jacket from the inside to the outside;
  • After scrubbing, put the down jacket into the water in which it was soaked just now, and use your hands to knead all parts of the down jacket in the water until it is kneaded clean.
  • Note that instead of rubbing vigorously with your hands like washing clothes, you can knead gently; you can also visit at mark and Spencer discount code NHS
  • Control most of the water on the down jacket, rinse it with clean water several times, then add two teaspoons of edible vinegar to warm water and soak the down jacket for a while. This will not only make it soft, but also completely remove the detergent residue;
  • Squeeze the rinsed jacket down to remove the moisture, and then hang it to dry. Be careful not to wring the water by twisting the twist.
  • The down jacket cleaned by this method can not only restore its original clean appearance, but also will not have a peculiar smell and white stains after washing.


  • If the hat or collar of the down jacket is decorated with animal hair, the animal hair must be removed before washing the down jacket;
  • It is best to use special washing liquid to clean down jackets. Washing powder and chlorine-containing cleaning agents will destroy the luster of the fabric and the fluffy interior of the clothes;
  • When washing the down jacket, do not pull the down jacket out of the water by the collar and wash it back and forth, as this will cause the down to clump together and cause the down jacket to deform;
  • Some people like to expose their down jackets to the sun, thinking that doing so will make the down inside fluffy, but this approach is wrong. The correct method is to gently pat the down jacket with your hands after it dries naturally to help the down jacket restore its original fluffiness and softness. 

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