Things to Know About Counter Surveillance


Over the years now, technology has continued to evolve; now, smartphone cameras and microphones are made small, portable, and discreet. As a result, they can create covert surveillance devices that are more sensitive and accurate, inexpensive to obtain, and easier to conceal because of their small size.

Counter surveillance services are a procedure that can be used to identify and detect ongoing surveillance to develop a suitable countermeasure.

What is Counter Surveillance?

Counter Surveillance is the measures that are usually undertaken by the public to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance. Counter surveillance includes electronic methods such as technical surveillance countermeasures, which detect surveillance devices.

Purpose of counter surveillance services?

Counter surveillance services involve taking preventive measures from others to monitor your activities. The main purpose of counter surveillance service is to protect you, your friends, and your loved ones. It can also protect your business and employees from people looking to steal trade secrets, company information, or even financial records.

Different Methods of Counter Surveillance

The different methods of counter-surveillance service you employ depend on the type of surveillance being used against you.

It is paramount that you are aware of what method you are to apply in order to help protect yourself, your loved ones, and your privacy.

The different methods of counter-surveillance are listed below.

Convert surveillance

Convert surveillance is the first to appear on the list because it is one of the easiest countermeasures. In addition, this is one of the best ways of detecting, providing, and protecting yourself and loved ones by using your covert surveillance.

For instance, using a CCTV camera outside your property or a video doorbell system can help you identify or detect any unusual activity on your property when you’re not at home, capture images, or record any intruder doing any illegal activities on your property.

Cyber TSCM and Software Countermeasures

Because of the alarming increase in cyber attacks, protecting important information or data online is paramount. Therefore, cybersecurity methods like firewalls, access control, and general employee education on password best practices are essential for those responsible for IT systems. Additionally, TSCM techniques, including visual, physical, and digital searches, can be used to detect illicit cyber activity.

Human Countermeasures & Counterintelligence

They many surveillance techniques that use human methods rather than electronic ones. To counter these, techniques such as simply being situation-aware and avoiding certain locations can be sufficient to counter the threat of surveillance. In addition, legal intelligence New York exist to protect and monitor against surveillance by criminal groups such as terrorists or other nationalities.

Structural Countermeasures

In order to protect an organization against the threat of physical interception and access, social engineering techniques such as Physical Penetration Testing are used to examine how readily access can be gained into a building by a non-authorized individual and then address any weaknesses in the physical security protocols.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

This involves the systematic search for eavesdropping devices or illicit bugs. Some detection equipment is readily available from online retailers or can be built using other accessible components.

However, advanced devices may only be detectable by professional-grade equipment due to their range of frequencies, or the devices may use techniques to help them from being detected, like remote activation and inactivation.

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