The Top 5 Popular Skincare Trends To Know In 2022

The Top 5 Popular Skincare Trends To Know In 2022

The skin care trends depend entirely upon the mood board of that year. After the stressful events of last year, 2022 will witness trends that are more relaxing and eco-conscious. More focus is on DIY skin care, protection from blue light, anti-stress skincare, and more.

Below are the most popular skincare trends of 2022:

Skin Minimalism

This skin care trend is all about building a regimen to achieve healthy, glowing skin with only minimum products. 2022 will see people adopting basic skin care routines and minimalist approaches. People understand that less is more when it comes to skincare. Using a few good products helps keep your skin hydrated. 

This minimal skin care trend allows to reveal natural skin texture while letting go of heavy makeup products. It is not only for those having clear skin, but for everyone who wants their skin to breathe. Moreover, opting for lesser products can minimize irritation and allergies. 

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Going Makeup-Free

Going makeup free lets your skin heal and replenish naturally, so you don’t need concealer anymore. Makeup products contain harmful chemicals that can irritate the skin, causing rashes and infections. In addition, harsh ingredients can strip the skin’s natural oils, resulting in dryness. When you stop wearing makeup, the first thing you will notice is that your dry skin clears up. A bag full of makeup products doesn’t necessarily give radiant, glowing skin. Embrace your natural skin and show a beautiful version of yourself.

The Top 5 Popular Skincare Trends To Know In 2022

Anti-pollution skincare 

UV light alone can’t be blamed for all harm done to the skin. Our lifestyle and environmental pollutants are also responsible for the damage done to our skin. Pollution clogs the pores and increases inflammation. The dirt and impurities present cause severe acne, breakouts, pimples, and more. Various anti-pollution skin care products are available on the market. They help to rebalance the skin’s microbiome and provide a dose of antioxidants to shield your skin from impurities. 

DIY Skin Care

Lockdowns have taught people many tricks, including DIY skin care. People have been experimenting with making at-home recipes for DIY skin care. Brands offering quality ingredients and knowing how to make skincare regimens will win.

According to Greenfield, DIY dark spots or mole removal has gained popularity on social media platforms. However, the results can be damaging. So, don’t try these hacks to remove dark spots at home.

Personalized Skin Care

People always look for solutions for their specific needs and skin type. With the emergence of artificial intelligence, it has become easier to suggest products that will best suit the skin and climatic conditions that they are staying in. It will help resolve their skin care issues effectively. This skincare trend is just picking up and will only flourish until it’s hyper-personalized.

At-Home Devices

People are investing more and more in at-home skin care devices. This doesn’t mean people are not using in-clinic or spa treatments, but that they want to have a good maintenance regime in between. LED light masks and microcurrent devices are at the top of the list. The Dermalux flex is a worthwhile investment, is portable and lightweight and delivers clinic-standard results. The Orlaya Skin DermaDeep RF Pro is a highly effective skin-tightening treatment to use at home.

Blue light protection

We are aware of the harmful impact of blue light on our skin. Even if you’re applying sunscreen daily, many of them don’t have suitable filters to protect from Blue light. However, looking for iron oxide on the ingredient list is a great way to start. With the increasing studies of the effect of blue light on the skin, some formulas have an upgrade. Aside from the UV radiation, they will also protect the skin against the HEV (high-energy visible) light. Furthermore, blue light causes oxidative stress leading to issues like premature aging and hyperpigmentation.

Gender-neutral SkinCare

Gender equality is everywhere. So, why not in the skincare or beauty industry? Brands are making inclusive communities for people from all spheres of life. And why men can’t wear makeup has prompted brands to create products that cater to all genders.

Compostable Packaging

People are showing more and more concern about the planet. Skincare products are one of the most polluting ones. So, it’s time to start giving the option of refilling products or bringing packaging that is completely recyclable. This trend will be highly impactful and will distinguish skincare brands that do care for the planet.

Conclusion: Top Skincare Trends

The best skin care trends are the ones that fit your individual concerns, skin types, and requirements. Take your time before following any trends, educate yourself about new trends, and see if they will benefit you or not.


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