the Procedure for Marriage Certificate Attestation in India


Explain Attestation

When a document needs authentication from the authorities then they are attested. This is a quick and easy way to legalize a document.  The documents can be educational, personal, or commercial. After the documents get an attestation or apostille then they are ready to use in a foreign country. It is important for the countries that are a member of the Hague Nations to get the apostille done for their documents. As this makes the whole process of visa easier and smoother. 

Define marriage Certificate Attestation

A marriage certificate attestation is a simple way that makes the document legal and valid in a foreign country. When a document gets verified and stamped by the authorities then the other countries feel safe as the information that is printed on the document is true and correct. The details that are mentioned on the certificate are the name of both the applicants, the date, time, place, and all other necessary information relating to the marriage. 

Documents that a person should have for the marriage certificate attestation

The documents that a person should have to get the marriage certificate attestation done are given below. Make sure that you have all the documents that are mentioned. Moreover, ensure that the documents are in a good condition. 

  • Major Documents
  1. Original marriage certificate
  • Supporting Documents
  1. Photocopy of passport (front and last page)
  2. License photocopy
  3. Aadhar card photocopy

Reasons why a person needs to do attestation of the marriage certificate

There are various reasons that make the attestation of the marriage certificate essential. These are as follows:

  • If an applicant wants to apply for a spouse visa
  • An individual who wishes to have a work visa. 
  • A person who wants to apply for a dual citizenship
  • To get the passport of the children
  • For property ownership
  • To get permanent residency in a country

Detailed procedure for the Marriage Certificate attestation

An individual has to follow a step-by-step procedure to get the marriage certificate attestation. The steps to follow are:

  • Notary Attestation: This is the first and essential step to begin the attestation process of the marriage certificate. Here the certificate is presented to the notary and all the information is carefully analyzed by them. When they feel satisfied and find that all the details are correct then the documents are attested by the notary.
  • SDM/State Attestation: This is the second step in the attestation process. In this step, the attestation is done either by the State or SDM. The Sub Divisional Magistrate or State authority will check the details of the marriage certificate. The authority will attest to the document when the information is found accurate. 

The attestation that is done by the SDM is finished in a period of three to five days. Although, the same attestation is done by the State in three to four weeks. So, if the country has not made state attestation compulsory, then it is better to choose SDM attestation as it is less time-consuming. 

  • Ministry of External Affairs: This is the third and final step of attestation for the Hague Nations. In this, the documents with taking care of each small detail are examined. When the investigation of the documents is finished. 

Then the Ministry of External Affairs puts an apostille stamp on the document. This stamp has a unique number that makes the process easier for the foreign country. As all the information can be seen online. 

  • Embassy Attestation: This is the last step of the attestation process. Here the documents along with the fees are submitted to the Embassy. The embassy attests to the document after the marriage certificate is verified. This is a necessary step for all the nations who are not a member of Hague Nations or the countries that have specifically asked for an Embassy attestation. 

In a simpler way:

  • For Hague Nations: Notary+State/SDM+ Ministry of External Affairs
  • For Non-Hague Nations: Notary+State/SDM+ Ministry of External Affairs+ Embassy

Charges that a person has to pay to get the attestation of marriage certificate attestation

There are some charges that a person has to pay to get the documents attested. The charges vary from state to state and also from country to country. The charges may fluctuate as it depends on the type of document, the number of documents, hired apostille service provider, and also the charges that are paid at several authorities for attestation. So, to know the exact charges contact the service provider who has complete knowledge.

The time that an apostille service provider takes to complete the marriage certificate attestation

The time that an apostille provider generally takes to get the marriage documents attested is 10 to 15 days. However, if there is a rush of applications at the authorities or in case of any uncertainty, the time duration of getting the apostille of the documents might increase. 

Benefits that a person gets with the attestation of the marriage certificate

There are some privileges that a person gets along with the attestation of marriage certification. These are as follows:

  • Legalization of documents
  • Makes the process of verification faster
  • Compulsory for all the Hague Nations
  • Adds authenticity to the documents
  • Foreign countries come to know that the documents are real and the details are true.

Validity of a marriage certificate attestation

The validity of a marriage certificate that is attested by the authorities is 6 months. Although, a few countries even take an attested marriage certificate that is more than 6 months or even a year old. So, in case you want to know the validity of your attested documents, register here. 

Can I get my marriage certificate attested myself?

Earlier, a person can get the attested documents from the authorities themselves. However, due to the huge rush at the application center. After 2012, only the apostille service provider can get the attestation of documents done. As all the documents that are submitted are original. So, a person needs to hire a trustworthy, reliable, and safe apostille service provider to get the documents attested. 

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