The best known montessori and high schools in Tokyo Japan


Japan is a nation like no other with its unique history, culture and civilization. One of the wealthiest nations in the world on account of its huge economy and industrial prowess it boasts a very large expat population. These comprise diplomats, students, business people and employees working for its many world class companies. Not only does Japan have high standard of living, it also has some of the best high schools and Montessori schools in Tokyo. Let’s take a look at some of the best known Japan schools  in Tokyo..


Best known japan schools and Montessori schools in Tokyo


  1. Global Indian International School-Montessori and High School in Japan Extraordinaire


Global Indian International School Tokyo is one of the best known international schools in the country. Part of the globally renowned GIIS network of international schools, it provides a world class education to students starting from kindergarten to grade 12. The curricula followed by the school are Global Montessori Plus, CBSE, Cambridge-CLSP, Cambridge-IGCSE and the International Baccalaureate program. The infrastructure is absolutely world class as are the teaching staff. The school is also out of the top drawer when it comes to obtaining placement to some of the best colleges in the world.


  1. The Montessori School of Tokyo


The Montessori School of Tokyo is an accredited montessori school fulfilling the educational needs of children in the 2 to 15 years age group. At this school, the children get to benefit from the world famous Montessori teaching practices that help lay a solid foundation for the students to learn, grow and develop with joy. They have two campuses and their study programmes are divided into Little People for those in the 2 to 3 years age group, Sunshine for the 3 to 6 years age group, Elementary for the 6 to 12 years age group and Middle school to the 12 to 15 years age group.They also have a comprehensive Enrichment & Extracurricular Activities programme to aid in the holistic development of the children.


  1. American School in Japan

This is a leading international school in Japan very sought after by the expats as the place to send their children for schooling. Students from all over the world study at this school, though most come from an American or dual nationality background. The school was founded way back in 1902 and currently boasts two campuses- the Elementary and High School one in the Chofu area and the playschools in Roppongi. Following the American curriculum, American School in Japan allows its students to earn the American High School Diploma that enables them to gain admission to the best colleges and universities around the world.


  1. The British School in Tokyo

This well-known international school in Tokyo was founded in 1989 and comprised. Two campuses-Setagaya for the  8 to 18 years old and Shibuya for 3 to 7 years old. The school follows the British curriculum allowing the students to earn the IGCSE A level diploma. Everything from the infrastructure to the quality of the teaching. This school is out of the top drawer. It is hardly surprising that this school is the preferred choice for ex-pats living in Tokyo. 


  1. Tokyo International School

Founded as a pre-school in 1994 Tokyo International School is one of the most well-known. IB schools in the city now offer the IB Primary. Years as well as the IB Middle Years program. That apart, the school is accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS). The school is known for its focus on the use of technology. As evidenced by the fact that it encourages the use of i-Pads and Macbooks in the student’s daily learning. The popularity of the school can be gauged by the fact that it has students from 63 nations around the world. The largest number, though, is from Japan and the US.




The high schools and Montessori schools of Tokyo are some of the best anywhere. They combine the pedagogy of the West with the wholesome Asian values of hard work, dedication, discipline, and innovativeness. It is hardly surprising that these schools are amongst the best anywhere in the world. That is the reason why most ex-pats are happy to bring their families.  What’s more, they will turn out quite well. Considering the exemplary standards of most Japanese schools and especially the international ones. 


With the schools in the west beset with problems of violence and indiscipline. Going to a Japanese school that is as serene and calm as the country.  Will be a wonderful experience for any student from any part of the world. Not just that, they will be able to go on to get admission. some of the world’s top universities and colleges.

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