The Best Clubbing Experience In Barcelona

Barcelona Tables

Barcelona is heaven for all types of travellers. Whether you want a cultural experience and a gastronomical encounter or pulsating night at the clubs, Barcelona has the potential to offer all.

When we speak of the nightlife in Barcelona, it is hot and happening. With some of the Best clubs In Barcelona , the clubbing experience in Barcelona is worth giving a try. Although, Barcelona may fall short of the diversity of London or the experimental options of Berlin, but the throbbing and encapsulating experience is what makes it different.

For people who enjoy the clubbing experience, Barcelona brings them a helluva party punch that would send the dopamine into a rush. In this post, we will try looking at the Best clubs In Barcelona that you must visit during your stay in Barcelona for the best clubbing experience.

The Nightlife In Barcelona

 When in Barcelona, one must know that the nightlife starts much later than what is normal in all other cities of the world. The nightlife in Barcelona starts somewhere around midnight. People have a leisurely dinner around 9 to 10 pm and then head off to clubbing. It is observed that the nightclubs in Barcelona do not get busy until the bars shut. And so these clubs keep pouring in guests until very late at night. And so, most clubs remain open until 6 am.

So, if you are planning to hit the floor, be well-rested and well-fed to be able to cope with the enthralling exposure. If you are planning to enjoy the nightlife of Barcelona like a local you must start enjoying their style.

You can start your nights in Barcelona by having a meal with any of the popular Barcelona tables and then head towards a bar nearest to the club you would want to crash for the night. By showing up for the meal at around 10 pm and then visiting a bar to get some liquor into your system, you are all set to dance through the night.

You can decide on dancing all night until the wee hours and then head off to a popular breakfast joint and savour a classic Spanish breakfast.

If you are not much of a party person, you can alternatively enjoy the view of the Mediterranean sea along with music in the air. A serene and calm night as opposed to the throbbing music and energy-draining clubbing experience, is no less than a once-in-a-lifetime feeling.

The Nightclubs In Barcelona


Located at the seafront with magnificent Mediterranean cuisine and good music, Opium is a must-visit for those seeking a captivating night in Barcelona. Opium is known for bringing in the most popular and internationally famed performers. The idiosyncratic location of Opium makes it possible to open up as a beach club in the daytime and helps in creating a magnetic environment as the night falls. When in Barcelona, do not miss out on attending the night performances at Opium.

La Terrrazza

It is an open-air club located in the Montjuic Mountains in Barcelona. Being located in the historic part of the city, the ambience and the decor of the club give a taste of the culture and heritage of Barcelona. Before you plan to pay a visit to the La Terrrazza, you must know that it is a summer-only club because it is an open-air set-up. This club is popular for hosting the best electronic music nights in the city.


Counted among one of the best clubs in barcelona, Pacha is known for its addictive energy that keeps you occupied with the music for the whole night. Located at a unique and privileged site next to the beach, Pacha is characterised by its white tones and contrasting red with its round forms. Pacha hosts some of the best musical nights with national and international performers bringing in something new and trending every day. However, Pacha is not all about the nightclub and the music, it is also popular for its palatable Mediterranean and Oriental menu.


It is an icon of the alternative culture in Barcelona, where through its unique space it hosts five different types of music in five spaces. Razzmatazz has the potential to attract a wide range of audiences with its unique five venue setup. Razz club, the main space hosts rock and indie performances. Whereas the Pop bar hosts anything from garage to soul, and Loft hosts house and electro. The Lolita room hosts house, hip-hop, and dub-step, and the Rex room does the experimental sounds. This space is vibrant and hosts trending musical experiments.


Located on the Barcelona Broadwalk, Shoko’s cosmopolitan vibe attracts clubbers from across the globe. With a large dance floor and throbbing music, Shoko is instrumental in giving the perfect clubbing vibes to its guests. It is one of the largest clubs in Barcelona offering a bar, terrace, and restaurant under the same roof. Shoko generally hosts music from the “House” genre and has the privilege of having the most prominent performers from across the globe.

Wrapping Up

This was all about the most talked about nightlife in Barcelona. Needless to say, with its splendid beach, throbbing clubbing experience and the best gastronomical indulgences with the barcelona tables, it is the best place for a relaxed and happening holiday. Barcelona with the most happening clubs can be the best outgoing space for you to unwind yourself and get lost in the musical beats.






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