The Beginner’s Guide to Writing an Essay: Steps & Examples

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An essay is a piece of writing that concentrates on and develops a concept or claim using interpretation, research, and/or data. Writing essays can be challenging for some students, and it is a time-consuming process. Essay writing can be challenging for certain students, and it is demanding work (Best Assignment Writer. 2022). Many University going students in the UK find it difficult to write essay assignments. There are many websites that are giving Essay Writing Service in New York. It can be useful for students they can take help from these websites by paying them

The subject of study and the academic level at which you write an essay determine its content and length. For instance, essays at the middle school level tend to be overviews of topics, but essays at the university level are argumentative. when writing an essay, there are several fundamental procedures to adhere to. One can select one of several essay writing services. The steps necessary to write an essay are covered in this beginner’s guide.

The Essay Writing Process

An essay requires the writer to plan, write, and edit their work (Faraj, 2015). The three aforementioned procedures are what define essay writing at its core. The essay type and level affect the essay’s quality, as well as the amount of time and effort spent.

Essay Writing Preparation

You don’t begin writing your essay as soon as you have the topic. You must first clearly understand the scope of the subject and what you plan to include in your essay. There are only a few approaches to getting your essay ready:

Recognize your assignment: What is the essay’s main objective? What are the assignment’s length and due date? Do you have any questions for your professor or teacher?

Choose a topic: If you have the option to choose your topic, try to select one that will keep your attention and that you already know a little bit about.

Perform research: To determine your perspective and approach on the subject, read both primary and secondary literature and make notes. These will serve as support for your arguments.

Create a thesis statement: A thesis statement states the main point or argument you wish to make in your essay. For a focused essay, having a clear thesis is crucial; while you write, keep coming back to it.

Outline: Sketch out the general organization of your essay in an outline. This makes it simpler to start writing and helps you stay on course as you write.

Composing the Essay

The essay is broken down into an introduction, a body, and a conclusion, as can be seen from the ground up. Thus, many steps are needed to write these three sections. Your introduction should grab the reader’s attention and stimulate their curiosity with the first words. This phrase is sometimes referred to as the hook. It may be a difficult query, a startling piece of information, or a bold claim highlighting the importance of the subject.

The next step is to provide context so that your reader may grasp your argument. This may entail offering background information, providing an overview of significant scholarly work or discussions on the subject, and defining complex words. Don’t go into too much depth in the opening; you may go into more detail in your essay’s body.

The next step is to create your thesis statement, which will be your main argument. The thesis statement gives your essay direction and expresses your opinion on the subject. Typically, it just contains one or two phrases.

In larger articles, you may wrap up the opening by quickly outlining the topics that each body section will address. This leads the reader through your organization and provides an overview of the progression of your argument.

Main body

You support your thesis with arguments, evidence, and development of your views throughout the essay’s body. Its objective is to present, evaluate, and analyze the data and references you have acquired to back up your claim.

The body’s length varies depending on the type of essay. 60 to 80 percent of your essay should be in the body. This could just consist of three paragraphs for a high school essay, but for a 6,000-word graduate school essay, the body could span eight to ten pages.

it’s crucial to divide your essay into paragraphs to give it a clear structure. One key topic or point should be the focus of each paragraph.

A topic sentence introduces that concept. In general, the topic phrase should build on the preceding paragraph and state the point that will be conveyed in this one. To provide clear connections between sentences, transition words might be employed.

Give supporting details like statistics, examples, or quotations from reliable sources after the main sentence. Make careful to interpret, explain, and demonstrate how the evidence supports your overall thesis.


Your essay will conclude with a conclusion, which is the last paragraph. It comprises between 10% and 15% of the total text. It is where you connect your points of contention, your thesis, and your supporting details to create a conclusion. In the conclusion, don’t make any new points or refute those you’ve already made. Make a great statement by leaving your readers with a lasting impression. The main argument of your essay must be supported by a strong conclusion. Even better, you may have your essay done by one of the top online essay writing services.

Revise your essay

The last stage before submitting the essay to the appropriate authorities is revision. Although a little bit of rewriting makes your essay stand out as the work of dedicated, hard work, this phase is frequently neglected. Revision entails reading the essay several times to modify it for needed additions and deletions of facts and statements. It also entails proofreading your essay for spelling and grammar mistakes. Mandatory plagiarism checking is the most significant phase in this procedure. It is wrong to plagiarise. You must thus submit your essay to a plagiarism detector to prove that it is unique. When you have finished organizing and formatting your essay, it is time to deliver it.

Students struggle with selecting a topic and structuring their essays because they have to search for the topic’s content. Additionally, when writing the introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs of an essay, people often struggle to use appropriate grammar and vocabulary. In the US, usually take help for experts by paying them. many websites offer essay writing service USA.


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