Steps to consider before resigning from your current job

Steps to consider before resigning from your current job
You are not alone if the pandemic, or any other personal, financial, or professional reason, has led you to reconsider your professional objectives, values, and prospects. You may be pondering quitting your job if there are no chances for advancement at your current firm or if you are simply unwilling to return to the office. It is known as the “Great Resignation,” and 95% of workers are considering switching to better admin jobs in Dubai. In April alone, a record 4 million people left their job. Meanwhile, applications for admin jobs in Dubai are surging, reaching a record 9.2 million in May. While it may be tempting to storm into your boss’s office and yell, “I quit!” this is generally not the best strategy. Make sure you have a plan before submitting your resignation letter. Many people believe that a job search will take a few weeks when, in reality, it will take a few months at most. While being at your job search, you can also switch to more technologically advanced job search options. These may include searching and applying for the suitable offshore jobs in Dubaithrough Ai job search portals such as iApply. Consider these suggestions before quitting your work to ensure a smooth transfer and a truly satisfying opportunity.

Check that you have exhausted all internal possibilities

If you like your job but wish to work from home, you can work out a permanent work-from-home agreement and land ideal offshore jobs in Dubai. Show the manager evidence of your productivity if you want to continue your offshore job in Dubai. The recruitment experts advise you to “come equipped with samples of your past achievements for offshore jobs in Dubai so you can explain how you could continue or reproduce the same fruitful results. Many employees have been working remotely, especially after the pandemic outbreak, so demonstrating how well it works would make them feel more at ease.

Create the best job description for you

Start your search for offshore jobs in Dubai by upgrading your CV and LinkedIn profile. A good job search always begins with the end goal in mind. Take some time before quitting your work to consider what you want to do next. Remember that knowing what you don’t want is just as vital as knowing what you do want. Imagine the life you want. Consider the activities you enjoy and are skilled at. Then, do some self-discovery and draught your dream job description. When you’ve finished this process, you’ll be ready to look for roles that fit your vision.

Document your achievements

“We tell you how many of our clients have become mired down with their day-to-day work, only to emerge years later, not documenting their various triumphs,” the recruitment gurus said. It will be difficult to recall all of your accomplishments at that point. So make it a point to keep track of your professional accomplishments throughout the year. Document elements such as financial targets met, cost savings, favourable feedback from peers or superiors, challenging issues managed, accolades, and any certificates or courses taken. Do not be embarrassed. Nothing is too small to be documented.

Ask for recommendations

Recommendations are an important element of any search for an admin job in Dubai. However, the moment to get references is not when you have one foot out the door. Before departing your employment, ask for recommendations, especially on LinkedIn. Ideally, you’ll want to approach people who are familiar with your work and can speak intelligently about it. LinkedIn will use a generic request message by default, so personalize it to obtain the greatest response. Also, try to stagger your requests out so that you do not ask too many individuals at once.

Leave on friendly terms

How you leave is an important component of how you will be remembered. So, make a nice last impression. Before you leave, offer at least two weeks’ notice. However, you should start making plans to leave earlier if possible. This will give you time to consider how you want to exit. Also, be prepared to answer inquiries regarding your future plans. If your boss offers you a raise or a promotion, be prepared to accept whatever you need to stay. If you have determined that now is the time to make a change, do not be afraid to act in the best interests of yourself and your family. Quitting your job may turn out to be the best decision you have ever made. Because so many people are changing careers and leaving openings for others, the COVID environment has made it easier to make a job shift. Now is the time to think carefully about your future job move because the chance to make a significant change exists. Many of the traditional job-search criteria have been dismantled, and there has never been a better opportunity to re-launch your career.

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