Raw gemstone jewelry

raw gemstone jewelry

A Look at Raw Gemstones and the Deep Significance Behind Them

Although everyone knows that diamonds stand for undying affection, what do some of the most popular raw gemstones actually represent? Gems of every color have been endowed with meaning and power by cultures across the globe for millennia. In this article, you will learn the significance of some of the most coveted gems in the world.

What Exactly Constitutes a Gem?

Gems are any precious or semiprecious stones that have been cut and polished to show off their beauty. Gemstones are precious stones that have gained widespread recognition for their exceptional qualities, such as their rarity, significant value, or uniqueness among comparable stones. Similarly, gemstones are often rocks of sufficient quality to be set in jewelry.

Raw Gemstone Jewelry and Their Meanings


Similar to the rings on a tree, agates have exquisite marbling and stripes running through their interiors. For their wearers, these stones stand for fortitude, strength, safety, and security. The use of agate is said to improve one’s ability to focus and to help one feel more at peace internally.

Raw gemstone jewelry and stone ornaments like Flower Agate, Botswana Agate, Moss Agate, Indian Agate, Banded Agate, Crazy Lace Agate, Dragon Agate, and Tree Agate are all available and sold by different jewelry stores around the world.


In ancient Greece, the amethyst’s purple hue was linked to the wine deity Dionysus, and the belief that it could curb inebriation spread. The ancient Greeks even had a name for clarity of thought: amethystos.

Some people also think that wearing amethyst jewelry will help keep the wearer’s mind clear and sharp. Leonardo da Vinci, the famous artist and inventor, once claimed that amethysts help with concentration and prevent negative thinking.

carnelian stone bracelet

Amethyst is commonly used in Tibetan prayer beads because of the belief that it aids in meditation. Different cultures believe that amethyst has healing powers, such as the ability to ease pain and cure insomnia. In fact, many raw gemstone jewelry stores around the world incorporate the stone into their products for this very reason.


The gemstone aquamarine is said to bestow its wearer with strength, intelligence, and health. Given its affinity with the water, aquamarine has been rumored to protect sailors from harm, clean water, and even counteract the effects of poison.

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The beauty of jewelry made from colored gemstones has captured the imagination of humans for millennia. Jewelry made from uncut gemstones is seeing a meteoric rise in popularity that will reach its zenith in the not-too-distant future.

Aquamarine jewelry has been prized for hundreds of years because it is thought to have healing and astrological powers. It is highly sought-after because of its beauty and symbolic meaning.


Because of the widespread belief that wearing citrine increases the wearer’s vigor and energy, healing quartz is another name for this gemstone. According to the rules of Chinese feng shui, citrine also brings luck and money.

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Citrine comes from the Latin word for “lemon,” so it’s not surprising that people have used this sunny, golden stone as a talisman to bring health, vitality, good luck, and financial success, among other things. Citrine has been linked to good vibes for a long time because people think it can absorb and get rid of bad energy.

Raw citrine gemstone jewelry might be a great option for those who aren’t huge fans of bold hues. Because of the golden undertones in its yellow-to-orange tint, this gemstone can be worn with a wide variety of other tones and styles. However, its bright rays will be just what is needed to turn a dismal situation into a joyful one!


It is thought that this pink beryl would bestow upon its wearer healing powers as well as a sense of calm, happiness, self-assurance, and boundless love. Anxiety and stress relief are additional purported benefits.

morganite bracelet

In the early 20th century, gemologist George Kunz discovered a new type of beryl that he dubbed “morganite,” and he suggested naming it after J.P. Morgan, an American financier, and gem aficionado. Morgan was one of the most famous people in the first half of the 20th century who collected precious stones, so it’s only right that a gem is named after him.

If you have a penchant for precious stones, you’ve definitely heard of a rare crystal with a peach-pink hue that’s a fan favorite in raw gemstone jewelry and accessories. Genuine Morganite gemstone rings in their raw form highlight the brighter sides of life.

It’s the sweetest possible way to express affection and care. Anyone lucky enough to be the recipient of such precious gems would be overcome with joy.

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