Normalizing Innovative E-Learning in Educational Institution

Normalizing Innovative E-Learning in Educational Institution

E-Learning is an innovative educational tool capable of expanding students’ reach. However, the process of normalizing this technology may have several challenges. The article aims to explore the main factors that affect the acceptability of e-learning in an educational institution.

Among these factors, the most significant is the perceived importance of e-learning. Students’ satisfaction with e-learning is also a crucial determinant. This research also focuses on the influence of e-learning on students’ expectations and pedagogical practices.

In addition, the researchers will explore how self-awareness contributes to online learning during epidemic normalization. They will use a bootstrapping technique to determine the significance of path coefficients. Finally, the study will combine the two models, Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and Technology Preferences Model (TPB), and present some practical insights.

Considering the results of the study, it is evident that there are different degrees of acceptance of e-learning. It is necessary to make the environment more collaborative and less oppressive. Additionally, e-learning should be used in places that are appropriate for the students.

Aside from the importance of e-learning and students’ satisfaction, the researchers also found that the lack of technical skills and confidence in e-learning technology could hinder its adoption. Therefore, the authors recommend training instructors on e-learning tools to increase their acceptance.

The Moroccan Higher Council of Education published a report on integrating ICT into the education system. In this regard, the study analyzed the satisfaction of e-learning by students in public higher education institutions. Moreover, it studied the continuous intention of students to use e-learning.

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