Multiple Uses of Velcro Tape

Velcro Tape

Velcro tape has many uses. This fastener is versatile with many potential applications that make it highly practical in various contexts.

When you know the different uses of Velcro tape, you can begin to make the most of them. You’ll be able to use Velcro across various projects and tasks to produce reliable, sturdy fastening results at a low cost.

Want to understand how best you can use Velcro tape? Here’s everything you need to know.

Securing furniture and decor

Velcro is designed to function as a secure fastener, making it an excellent option for securing décor and furniture items in place, both indoors and outdoors, from hanging picture frames to securing a piece of furniture or placing lights and other items.

Organising wardrobe spaces

You can use Velcro tape to create a transparent organisation system in your cupboard or wardrobe. Velcro tape can be fixed to a wall or another surface, allowing you to hang hooks to store scarves, hats, bags, and more. For heavier items, use heavy-duty Velcro tape.

Fastening cables

Often, Velcro is used to help secure and separate electrical cables, such as those used for a television, computer, or mobile device. You can use Velcro to loop around wires and prevent them from tangling, improving organisation and reducing the risk of tripping.

Securing rugs

Another use for Velcro is to fasten a mat or rug in place. You can apply Velcro tape to the floor and the underside of a rug, sticking tape together to prevent the rug from moving. This can make it easier to maintain a tidy space and prevent tripping hazards.

Storing tools

You can use Velcro straps to create a hanging storage system for various tools, from kitchen items to garden tools and more. Holding items in place with Velcro can help you keep tools out of the way and off the floor, giving you complete control of your space.

Bundling equipment

Velcro tape can also bundle small equipment and prevent items from becoming lost or broken. Using Velcro strips, you can secure equipment together or even construct a Velcro handle for easy carrying if needed.

Securing wrapping paper

Velcro can secure the end of open wrapping paper, stopping it from unrolling. With Velcro tape, you can secure one part of the paper to another without damaging the paper the way regular tape might.

Closing gates

Velcro is often used to secure complex gates, whether large outdoor gates or a simple indoor fixture. By looping Velcro around the gate, you can prevent it from swinging open until you can find a longer-term solution.

De-pill clothing

While Velcro is usually used for fastening, it can also remove fibres from old clothes, like a jumper. By applying and then removing Velcro from pilling material, you can get rid of loose threads and fabric fibres.

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