Most Interesting Aspects of Astrology That Everyone Ought to Know


In this time of great unpredictability, the interest in everything magical is understandably high; there is no better way to learn about ourselves than by looking to the stars. It has been discovered that specific modern-day names have origins in Astrology’s exploration by our ancestors.

Everyone has a hidden interest. Some people blame Astrology, while others believe in a 9–11 conspiracy idea. The line, “if you’re so into astronomy, then guess your star sign,” rings out; Matthew, that’s not how it works.

Exploring space is a great method for us to learn about ourselves in this uncertain time, so it’s not surprising that interest in the supernatural has increased. Many famous families from history have been researching the astrological profiles for hundreds of years.

The Majority of World Leaders Are Scorpios

The scorpion is the sign of the zodiac associated with people who are strong-willed, confident, and in touch with their intuition. Are having these characteristics enough to become a global leader? Some have speculated that this may be the situation. According to a study of 190 international leaders found a correlation between a person’s zodiac sign and their likelihood of holding a position of power. 

As stated by the Daily Mail, “Scorpios, born in early October through early November, have had the most leaders of government,” accounting for 22 (or more than 11 percent) of all cabinet secretaries in the globe. Not only is Vice President Joe Biden a Scorpio, but then so is Hillary Clinton, Marie Antoinette, and Sun Yat Sen sometimes called the “founder of modern China.”

A Lot of Presidents Put a Lot of Stock in Astrology

An interesting piece of information for the reader is that important people of all ages enjoy stargazing, not just millennials. In 1980, The New Yorker reported that Reagan “consulted an astrologer before ‘nearly every important action and decision,'” including his reelection announcement. Theodore Roosevelt (the 26th president of the United States) was also a fan of horoscopes and had a copy of his birth chart on display in the living room.

What Hitler’s Natal Chart Revealed About His Life Trajectory

According to horoscopes, someone born on April 20, 1889, is destined for greatness, they say. Adolf Hitler was that mysterious individual. Swiss astronomer Karl Krafft also foresaw an attempt on Hitler’s life. 

Krafft was taken into Nazi custody after he correctly predicted the disaster. Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda, realized the astrologer was harmless and engaged Krafft to be the Nazi party’s official astrologer. A report by Astrology Cosmos claims that Hitler was inspired to launch Operation Barossa by Krafft’s astrological predictions.

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There Is More Than One Indicator That Points To You

Too often, people believe that their zodiac sign is fixed and determined only by the date of birth. Besides the sun sign, there are 12 more horoscope divisions, one for each star and the houses. Personality, feelings, frailty, and your approach to love may all be gleaned from your “big three,” which are your sun, moon, and rising sign. To get your birth chart and learn your “big three,” you will need your birthday, birthplace, and birth time (as precisely as possible).

Your Mood Is Affected By the Moon

You may find yourself unexpectedly wallowing in nostalgia for your first true love during a full moon. Where did you get that idea? Even as long back as 400 B.C., scholars “pinned the altered behavior on the moon’s magnetic attraction. 

According to Healthline, the term “lunatic” originated from the belief that “changes in the mental condition were tied to moon cycles.” A possible explanation for Emelia’s claim to Othello in Shakespeare’s Othello is that the moon’s proximity to Earth made men crazy.

How You Feel May Be Deduced From Your Moon Sign

John Marchesella, certified astrologers and former head of the National Council for Geocosmic Research, notes that one’s moon sign indicates one’s inner life and emotions, feelings, and responses to what is happening around one. 

While the sun, moon, the rising signs all have equal strength, the moon accentuates the attributes of its sign on an emotional level, such that a moon in Aries is more impatient than a sun in Aries.


While you are probably most acquainted with your sun sign, you may not realize that you have a moon character and a rising sign. You may use this site to determine your rising & moon signs, but you’ll need to know the exact birth time and location

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