Reasons Why You are Mentally Burned Out in Your Lifestyle


Burnout is something that everyone has heard of and probably experienced at some point in their careers or personal lifestyle. It’s no surprise that stress levels are higher than ever given the prevalence of the hustle mentality in today’s society.
On the blog, I’ve discussed burnout and its symptoms. Further, I believe that burnout can take many forms, including mental, physical, and emotional. In this piece, I’d like to discuss the phenomenon of mental exhaustion.

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When you’re suffering from mental burnout, it can be hard to concentrate on anything. It becomes impossible to make decisions, you have trouble thinking clearly, and even the smallest of setbacks can cause you to feel overwhelmed.
When you put the blame for your own stress on other people or circumstances, you may not even realize that you are the one causing it. The key is to recognize when you are the one causing your own stress rather than blaming external factors.
It’s tempting to just lie on the couch and watch Netflix when you’re mentally drained. Although it may appear to be a great way to unwind, it won’t actually allow your mind to rest. Though watching your favorite show may provide a welcome diversion, it will only be a short-term solution to your mental fatigue; the next day, it will return with full force.
You can drive yourself to exhaustion if you don’t take care of your mind and figure out how to prevent mental burnout.

Confidence Issues

When I inquire as to what individuals would like to alter in their outlook, the most common response is an increase in self-assurance. All their time is spent questioning their own abilities and wishing they felt more comfortable in their own skin. The problem is that worrying about your abilities will only increase your stress levels. The way you talk to yourself and the self-judgment you engage in can have a significant effect on your emotional well-being.


Do you ever feel like life is more difficult than it should be? So many different styles of clothing, dishes, diets, workout routines, etc. What criteria do you use to decide? The fact is, you have no control over your wavering mind. Because of the abundance of choices available in today’s culture, decision-making can be a real challenge. The problem with being unable to make up our minds is that it wastes time and makes us second-guess ourselves.
If you struggle with indecision, you should read Essentialism by Greg McKeown to learn how to make better choices.

Lack of Boundaries

If you have trouble saying “no,” like many people do, you may end up carrying other people’s burdens (including their work, errands, and even their emotions) on your shoulders. You are already stretched thin, and you cannot possibly take on additional concerns at this time.


Trying to achieve perfection all the time is a surefire way to drive yourself crazy. If you spend all of your time and effort worrying about whether or not your work is perfect, you will never finish anything.
Perfectionism requires us to avoid failure; it is not capable of fashioning a beautiful object or securing a permanent good for a lifetime. None of the things I had wanted to be seemed ideal, but after months of reflection I finally saw that it wasn’t perfectionism that was holding me back, but the sentiment that there is a point to be achieved or a chance to impress or someone to love and be loved by. I didn’t have it in me to imagine life without these things. None of them seemed terribly desirable or beautiful, and so it was with joy and relief that I learned that perfectionism was a paralyzing burden, not a salvation.

If you are already overwhelmed by feeling the pressure of perfectionism, keep reading. If you’re going to break through the feeling, you have to figure out what drives perfectionism

Fear of Judgment

Worrying about what other people think is a waste of time and energy because it distracts you from the things you should be focusing on. You can give up trying to read minds because you’ll never know the truth. They will tell you if they have a problem with you. And even if they do, does it matter what they think anyway?
Regular Distractions
Distractions have a bigger and bigger impact on our daily lives. When you go to YouTube with the intention of watching just one video, the suggested videos can be a major distraction. Notifications on your phone and computer pop up all the time, drawing your attention away from whatever it was you were working on. Allowing yourself to get sidetracked is a form of procrastination, and procrastination is a surefire way to increase your stress and feelings of guilt. Distractions also make it difficult to filter out irrelevant information.

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Worrying About the Future

If you spend a lot of time speculating about what might happen in the future, you’ll only be filling your mind with possibilities. Daydreaming is harmless, but excessive preoccupation with the future is a surefire way to wear yourself out mentally. If you try to solve every problem and answer every question, you may end up feeling more confused and frustrated than before. if you want to stretch it out further and beyond its maximum capacity – there are two basic things to worry about – making more money and spending it more wisely. You won’t have to do either of those things in your lifetime. For others of course it is more complex – making sure your kids are raised right and financially set up for life.

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