Major 5 Reasons to consider becoming a tech geek


In the past two decades,we have known that there are so many careers and occupations that stand your this technology world we are living with technology in your respective field.Many professions and jobs have a reputation for being long-lasting. Until the robocalypse, accountants, teachers, and medical professionals will likely continue to practice their professions. Professionals in computer and information technology need to be included in that in


For job purposes.

If you want to go extremely specific, computers date all the way back to the early 1800s. However, the modern computer was not created until more than 70 years ago. They have significantly evolved during this time, from what used to be large, room-sized computers that would occupy as many as 1800 square feet of space, to fitting in the palms of our hands.

Whether the roles that exist today are called computer engineers, programmers, or database administrators, the tech industry has now become

The salaries are very high competed to other fields

The role of computer programmer or computer engineer has evolved and changed along with some technical updates.we can change and involve time as technology moves. The technology world tells industry is growing very rapidly and by 2022 we can expect more than one million computer programmers or engineers. If there are more demands than supply , employees will pay high salaries for these positions . 

Standing the test of time 

We now have technology businesses like IBM that have been around for more than 100 years, proving that technology companies are staying longer than previously imagined. IBM is an example of how a technology corporation may change. For instance, they switched from using primarily mainframe computers to cognitive systems like Watson, which enables businesses to forecast health trends or suggests hot gifts for the holidays.

Looking at our collective dreams, we want teleportation, flying automobiles, to explore the universe, to settle on other worlds, and the list goes on. All these things would not be even considered possible without computer technology. This will keep the demand for these kinds of jobs high.

Rich and Famous

As I previously stated, although the names that describe and reflect technology jobs and vocations, such as computer science, software development, and computer engineering, may change over time, they are unquestionably the foundation for the future. As we take technology to a new level, the market is unquestionably moving in that direction. This tendency doesn’t appear to be slowing down, in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

The majority of techs feel highly at ease employing many acronyms in almost every statement. Techs use acronyms to speed up communication and transmit information when speaking with one another. Unfortunately, most individuals are intimidated, perplexed, or even enraged by the strange phrases since they haven’t learnt the language of technology. Learning to communicate effectively with non-geeks is a skill that will help you in your job.I once agreed to a short-term contract to serve as their network technician while travelling with a mobile computer lab. It ended up being one of my career’s most delightful side trips.

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