Insights Into Acne Issues And Cosmetic Ways To Manage Them


What is your biggest concern as a teenager? About 90% of teenagers are worried about acne-related issues and their physical image and go through social pressure to always look flawless. Even though perfection is a mirage, we can achieve it using simple means such as invasive cosmetic treatments like acne treatment facials in Huntington Beach or opting for home remedies like jojoba oil and coconut oil.


In this article, We will discuss the root cause of acne and why it is primarily seen in an oily skin type person before moving to the cosmetic procedure alternatives to manage and treat acne issues.


Let’s Dive in!

All About Acne

In scientific terms, acne is a skin condition that produces many pimples (swollen spots) on the body, especially on the face and neck area. Acne is caused due to coagulation of dirt, oil, hair follicles and dead skin cells into the skin pores resulting in the growth of acne-producing bacteria. This issue is commonly seen in teenagers, going through puberty but there are also cases of acne in grown-up (after the 30s) adults. Acne is a prime issue in a person with oily skin due to excess sebum (oil) production compared to other skin types.


There are ways you can prevent the severity of acne while sitting at home. However, home remedies are, but a mere way to lessen the effects of acne. And if you are looking for a full-blown transformation, cosmetic procedures are the best choice.


Read the major causes and types of acne and then learn about acne-treating cosmetic procedures.

Cause of acne

  • Excessive sebum production
  • Clogged hair follicles and dead skin cells in skin pores
  • Bacteria growth onto the skin
  • Hormonal changes (mostly during puberty)
  • Certain medications may result in hormonal imbalance
  • Certain foods can cause allergies or hormonal reaction
  • Inflammation
  • Stress issues

Types of acne

  • Blackheads
  • Whiteheads
  • Papules
  • Pustules
  • Fungal acne
  • Nodules
  • Cyst

Acne treatment cosmetic procedures

Cosmetic procedures are most in-demand for every skin alteration, including acne treatments. These treatments are non-invasive and have minimal to no downtime and can be performed within hours. The following treatments are best suited for acne-related issues.

1.     Acne treatment facials

Acne facials are the first and foremost opted method to reduce acne. During the procedure, the professional thoroughly and gently exfoliates skin pores and removes coagulated sebum, dead skin cells and hair follicles. This helps in eliminating inflammation and acne-promoting bacteria.



  • Cleanse the pores and remove oil and impurities
  • Reduce sebum production and inflammation
  • Decrease skin irritation and kill acne bacteria


2.   Chemical peels

Chemical peels are a simple yet effective way to reduce your acne-related issues. The professional will cleanse your face and then apply a peeling solution. This solution targets pores and deeply exfoliates while hydrating your skin. You have to take several appointments before seeing majestic results.



  • Exfoliates the skin pores
  • Reduces growth of pimples and acne by eliminating excess oil production
  • Diminishes acne bumps and scarring

3.   Microdermabrasion

During microdermabrasion, the dermatologist uses a device that cleanses your skin and removes debris and excessive sebum, and kills acne-promoting bacteria from the skin pores. The cosmetic procedure also effectively diminishes acne scars and other aging signs.



  • Eliminates excess oil and dead skin cells from the skin
  • Exfoliates the pores to prevent further breakouts
  • Diminishes acne marks and scarrings


4.   Laser resurfacing

Laser resurfacing is a cosmetic procedure which mainly focuses on reducing acne scars, bumping and other marks on the face. Laser is targeted on the desired part of the skin to remove scarring and blemishes. The time of the total procedure depends on the area required to be treated.



  • Reduce deep acne scars and bumps
  • Have permanent results
  • Effective for all skin types


5.    Dermabrasion

Dermabrasion is the more intensive side of microdermabrasion where your skin is first numbed and then the top layer of the damaged area is removed. This process makes your skin irritated and sensitive to the sun for initial days but you are then gifted with new and healthy skin in place of the damaged one.



  • Effectively removes acne scars and bumps
  • Removes signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles
  • Eliminates signs of sun damage


6.   Micro-Needling

Micro-needling is like laser resurfacing which superficially reduces signs of acne and aging like fine lines and wrinkles. It nourishes your skin and can also help to reduce the growth of acne.



  • Cleanses and hydrates the skin
  • Effective in removing acne scarring and bumps
  • Can help in reducing acne


End Words!

Acne is affecting the lives of millions of people, mostly teenagers worldwide. And there is no known way to permanently eliminate the occurrence of acne. However, you can always look for the above-mentioned cosmetic procedures to manage and treat acne and acne marks and get glowing and healthy-looking skin.

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