Improve Your Safety By Adjusting Your Truck Mirror


When driving a commercial vehicle, you must have seen through the rear mirror, “Objects are closer than they appear in the mirror”. But have you ever considered how frequently you check your mirrors to get a better view of objects, traffic, and the road around your truck? The answer is that you use them far more than you realise.

As a result, any vehicle, including trucks, has both a rearview mirror and side mirrors. However, it is primarily used to improve road safety. With this blog, you will learn how important mirror adjustment is and how, other than mirrors, you can improve safety for yourself, your goods, and other road users.

How To Adjust Your Truck Mirror To Allow Visibility

One of the most common mistakes truck drivers make is incorrectly setting their side mirrors, resulting in a view of the side of their trucks rather than their blind spots. However, if your mirrors aren’t properly adjusted, you could be missing things in your blind spots, putting your safety at risk. Here’s how to properly adjust your mirror.

It is best to always clean your mirrors before adjusting them. A dirty and grimy mirror will not allow you to see the vehicle around you. To clean, you can use any linen cloth.

Always use the proper method when adjusting. For example, the correct way to position your mirror is to see what is happening behind you by simply moving your eyes and not your head.

So the first step is to adjust the seat and steering wheel to your preference. In your Mahindra Truck, you should also be able to easily reach the gearshift, brake pedal, and accelerator. When it’s finished, lean to the right until your head almost touches the window. Adjust the mirror properly until you can see the back of your truck.

Then position your left side mirror so you can see the rear quarter panel of the passenger side. This will allow you to see any nearby traffic. After adjusting when you sit, the mirror should enable you to view traffic. However, if you cannot know, you must re-adjust the mirror.

Additionally, avoid leaving fingerprint marks on the mirror while adjusting it. Also, while changing, avoid placing your thumb on the mirrors. The reason behind this is that fingerprints reduce visibility.

Other Safety Tips The Experienced Truck Driver Recommends

In addition to always ensuring to adjust your seat position and mirrors properly, there are a few other safe driving tips to remember every time you get behind the wheel. These include:

  • Trucks are large vehicles that transport heavy loads. So, even after properly adjusting the mirror, there is a chance that the blind spot will remain. Before changing lanes, check your surroundings and blind spots by looking over your shoulder. This safety precaution further reduces the likelihood of being subjected to an accident.

  • Even if your truck has a mirror, it is critical that you do not rely on it. Following traffic laws at all times can ensure your safety. For example, rules such as following the speed limit, paying attention to traffic signs, coming to a halt at red lights and stop signs, and so on.

  • Distractions during driving can be many. It is, therefore, critical to be constantly alert to your surroundings. That is all you should concentrate on while driving. Set the radio station before pulling out of the driveway, and save the snacks for the rest stop. This keeps you alert to traffic and the road ahead and behind you.

  • Maintaining a safe distance is essential for avoiding rear-end collisions. Never, ever tailgate. This ensures that drivers have enough time and space to stop their vehicles if the vehicle in front of them suddenly stops. A simple tip is to allow at least four seconds of gap between your truck and the vehicles in front of you. The queue will progress smoothly when there is a sufficient, safe distance. 


Remember that your truck’s rearview mirror is not for viewing yourself or the truck body, especially while driving! Instead, it is used to see the surroundings and vehicles on the road. As a result, always follow the tips and properly adjust and use your vehicle’s side and rearview mirrors to avoid blind spots and keep your vehicle out of the path of approaching traffic.

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