How To Form A Fractionalized NFT With Multifunction?


NFTs have dominated the art world and are a hot topic in the computer community. A profitable market worth billions has been formed for NFTs as a result of their meteoric sales rise.

NFTs are not a novel idea, despite their current enormous popularity. With the introduction of Quantum, a non-fungible token developed by Kevin McCoy and Anil Dash, NFTs were first introduced in 2014. NFTs didn’t become a popular conversation subject until much later, around 2020, when their market value reached a staggering US$250 million. NFTs have thus come a long way from their inception to the moment when they became universally accepted. Interestingly, the NFT mania has persisted ever since, and market predictions indicate a promising future for them. The global NFT market is anticipated to reach USD 122.43 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 34.10% over the forecast period of 2022–2028, according to a report by SkyQuest Technology.

NFTs are undoubtedly popular at the moment, and predictions indicate that they will continue to expand. All of this has led to significant investments in NFTs from many businesses. But on a more fundamental level, a lot of people still have trouble figuring out how to invest in NFTs. Well, it’s simple! Depending on availability and your budget, you can invest in an NFT either in full or in part.

To make expensive NFTs more affordable for the general public, they are frequently divided into smaller fractions. The focus of this essay is on these fractionalized NFTs, which function similarly to non-fungible tokens in terms of trading. Continue reading to learn more about fractionalized NFTs in web3 and discover how to make one. However, let’s touch on the fundamentals first before going any farther.

Describe NFTs

A blockchain record that is connected to a real or digital asset is known as a non-fungible token (NFT). We must first comprehend the definition of “fungible” in order to comprehend what that means.

Every “fungible” thing has the same utility and intrinsic worth because it may be exchanged for another object of equal value. A $10 bill that may be exchanged for any other $10 bill serves as an illustration of this; you can give your friend your $10 bill without truly depreciating it. However, a $10 bill that has been autographed by a famous person or has a special serial number, such as all eights, may be worth $1,000 or even more. Why so? Because a single celebrity signature may render a common $10 bill uncommon, unique, and thus non-fungible.

Let’s discuss what a token is now. A blockchain-based certificate of authenticity that was issued digitally is referred to as a “token” in the realm of cryptocurrencies. A distributed ledger, or blockchain, is a permanent record of transactions. Because blockchain records are immutable, they can never be altered. And NFTs are valuable because of their immutability. A digital product becomes significantly more valuable than other comparable products when a special certificate is issued against it verifying its authenticity and originality.

Fractionalized NFTs: What are they?

A fractionalized NFT is one that has been divided into smaller fractions for sale separately. A single token can be owned by several people because each fraction represents a percentage of the ownership of the NFT. They differ from normal NFTs due to the collective ownership of fractionalized non-fungible tokens. The threshold for NFT purchases is lowered through fractionalization, making it easier for more people to invest in these special tokens. Similar to shares of a firm or joint ownership of a property, fractionalized NFTs function similarly.

When an NFT is fractionalized, the original NFT is placed in a safe and a constrained number of fungible tokens that correspond to various ownership percentages are distributed. The NFT’s individual fractions can then be purchased by interested parties, who will then share ownership of it.

Benefits of Web3 fractionalized NFTs

One of the main selling aspects of NFTs is the ability to possess one-of-a-kind goods. However, one of the main causes of their consistently rising costs is exactly this aspect of exclusive possession. Fractional NFTs are designed to address this issue and provide additional significant advantages, such as:

  • Democratization

Many potential customers have left the market as a result of rising NFT prices. And this is especially true for non-fungible tokens that are in great demand. An NFT’s fractionalization makes it accessible to a wider variety of potential customers, who can then purchase shares of their preferred NFTs as investments or gifts for others.

  • Discovering prices

It is not easy to identify the correct pricing for an NFT, especially when it comes without any transaction history. An NFT’s components are released for bid by numerous investors after fractionalization, which aids in determining the optimal price depending on market demand.

  • More liquidity

Expensive NFTs frequently stay on the market for longer before being purchased because of their high cost. Such NFTs are divided into tiny, reasonably priced fractions through the fractionalization process, which many investors can purchase on secondary marketplaces. It lessens the risks involved in investing in NFTs, and even pricey NFTs have a tendency to sell out rapidly.

  • Better for creators

While the aforementioned factors all concern the buyer’s experience, NFT fractionalization is also very advantageous for creators because it gives them more exposure in the incredibly liquid F-NFT market.

Widely used fractionalized NFTs

Because it is possible to fractionalize any type of NFT, many people have done so in order to boost sales. It is impossible to provide a complete list of all NFTs that have been fractionalized to date. Only the top fractionalized non-fungible tokens on the market are included in the list below.

  • CryptoPunks

One of the most costly NFTs available for purchase, CryptoPunks can sell for millions of dollars. They are quite well-liked despite being very expensive. Interestingly, after being fractionalized in 2021, they gained even more attractiveness to investors. There are fifty CryptoPunks in the fractionalized form right now, and 250,000,000,000 ERC-20 tokens were made from them. The price of each fractional share has been reduced from the original price of US$0.05 per unit to US$0.07779.

  • Cat mutants

9,999 works of art in the CryptoPunk genre were created algorithmically for the anthology Mutant Cats. You can go to the OpenSea marketplace and buy all of the NFTs in the collection or just a portion of them. It’s important to remember that when you buy any Mutant Cats NFT, you also get voting privileges within the ecosystem. What’s next? Shares are staked in exchange for $fish tokens.

  • The well-known NFT artworks by Grimes

One of the most well-known musicians to greatly profit from the fractional NFT trend is Grimes. She reportedly made $6 million from her artwork, according to sources. One of the main NFT marketplaces, Otis, has fractionalized her most recent works, Newborn 1 & 3.

  • Token doge meme

The owner fractionalized the non-fungible Doge meme token, which was sold for US$4,000,000, into roughly 17 billion $DOG tokens after acquisition. 20% of the produced supply was sold to 1,796 purchasers for close to US$45 million on the MISO marketplace. Sushiswap or Uniswap received the remaining funds.


The realm of NFTs has been pushed to its limits by fractionalized NFTs. By making NFT investments more appealing to small- and medium-scale investors, they have stimulated the NFT market. Therefore, using fractionalized NFTs is a wise decision whether investing in real estate, music, or the arts.

Thanks to the expansion of the NFT Marketplace Development, in-game assets can now be safely swapped within a supported environment, and ownership can be rapidly established.

It is also important to keep in mind that the price of digital assets is constantly rising, which has led to a large influx of new investors and innovators into the NFT movement. However, many NFTs struggle to find buyers due to their exorbitant price tags. This issue has been resolved by fractionalized NFTs, which make NFTs accessible without pressuring developers to lower their prices.

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Fractionalized NFTs are unquestionably a groundbreaking idea in the quickly developing and constantly changing field of NFTs. Fractionalized NFTs provide a mechanism for the entire community to gain from valuable digital assets rather than limiting ownership and management to a small group of people. The philosophy of web3 development, where each project is made with the community in mind, is exactly this.

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