How to Fix Misaligned Crooked Teeth Caused Due to Thumb Sucking?

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No matter what age group you fall into, if you have crooked or misaligned teeth, you are undoubtedly self-conscious about them, and they might bother you when you smile, eat, or engage in a conversation in public. While it is true that many people have naturally crooked or misaligned teeth, this is not always the case. Bad habits or practices can also contribute to this appearance. 


They are common in children and adults and can contribute to future dental issues. Therefore, you should realign it because it could affect your health or your ability to speak, which will also improve how your smile looks.


Most baby teeth and permanent teeth have the potential to grow unevenly or already be like that. Since baby teeth are too small to occupy the space provided for them by the gums, they can infrequently shift into crooked positions. Baby teeth can also become pulled out or misaligned due to long-term activities like sucking on a thumb or pacifier. Genetic factors and heredity may also influence its crookedness.


So, keep reading to know how to correct crooked, misaligned teeth affected by thumb sucking.


How does thumb-sucking impact dental health?

Many people have the habit of thumb-sucking, but predominantly children. Future dental issues, such as misaligned teeth and crooked teeth, can be brought on by thumb sucking. Repeated actions that impact the muscles or facial functions are referred to as myofunctional habits, including thumb-sucking. Other such practices might include using a bottle, mouth breathing, or sticking your tongue to the teeth.


However, thumb-sucking affects the jaw and throws the upper and lower jaws out of position, which might result in misplaced teeth. Also, some people, mainly children, find it more challenging to chew appropriately. In the future, this could result in gum disease and tooth decay if left unchecked.


Fixing Crooked Teeth Caused by Thumb Sucking

An orthodontist should be consulted immediately if you or your kid has crooked teeth so that the appropriate measures can be taken to straighten them. Making sure that they quit thumb-sucking altogether is the finest thing you can do for them. They experience several issues resulting from this tendency later in life, including improper bite alignment that may necessitate orthodontic treatment. Alternatively, they will have their front teeth realigned as they become adults.


Traditional braces or modern orthodontic aligners can help address the misalignment and stop the thumb-sucking habit. You can use braces or clear aligners to realign your teeth and restore their natural appearance. Your dentist may also implement other procedures to straighten your crooked teeth and restore their appearance from regular alignments, such as laser treatment or invisible aligners.


The ideal technique to straighten misaligned teeth is with braces or clear aligners, which straighten your teeth, but that might only be a choice for some. If so, there are alternative non-brace methods for straightening crooked teeth.


Benefits of Using Transparent Aligners to Straighten Crooked Teeth

The various misalignments can be corrected to varying degrees with tooth aligners such as clear aligners, but if the dental condition is excessive, traditional braces are required. To substantially move and shift teeth, clear aligners are insufficiently robust. People may not be eligible for Invisalign if they have bridgework, significant gaps, or specific tooth shapes or positions. However, if your misalignment difficulties are mild to moderate, you would benefit from clear aligners.


Invisible aligners, on the other hand, provide a reasonably precise visual timeline for each step of the process, which helps you comprehend the expected results and the length of the operation. A general timeline and no specific representation of the desired outcome can be given by braces treatment.


You can easily remove dental aligners so you may brush, floss, and eat since they are removable and easy to maintain. Due to the difficulties of cleaning the crevices left by the metal brackets, maintaining excellent oral hygiene can be difficult when wearing braces. Additionally, acquiring gum and tooth infections is more likely when you have braces.


Parting Words

Even in complex instances, Invisalign treatment can often straighten teeth equally effectively as metal braces. The same issues and flaws that traditional braces may repair, such as crooked teeth and biting matters, can also be fixed with clear aligners. 


In contrast, most individuals who have this procedure complete their orthodontic therapy and have straight teeth in as little as 1 year to 1.5 years. Some people start the Invisalign process and see noticeable benefits within a few weeks. Every week or two, you get a fresh pair of aligners, which you wear for 20 to 22 hours daily. 


To get expert advice from one of the certified orthodontists, though, search for Illusion Aligners if you’re seeking the best invisible braces/aligners. You can also buy teeth aligners online from them, and they also provide first-rate service and guarantee fantastic outcomes with tried-and-true clear aligners created in India. However, the invisible teeth aligners cost in India starts at INR 35,000 and varies based on the patient’s malocclusions.


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