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Socks are an indispensable thing in people’s daily life. How to better choose socks to achieve the effect you want? The following is a little bit of experience shared by me


  • the Internet
  • water


  1. The route of the purchase of socks. Nowadays, the main way to buy socks is online shopping, because it is convenient and the price is cheap. Socks purchased online generally have a large gap between the product and the picture, and the quality is not ideal. In fact, you can also choose to buy socks in the wholesale market, where the socks are not expensive, and you can know the quality.
  2. Material selection for socks. The material of the socks is my first recommendation: cotton. Because it absorbs sweat and sticks to the feet, it is not easy to slip off. Cheap socks bought online are usually mixed with cotton and other materials, generally very comfortable to touch, and sweat-absorbing (get some water, try) is also acceptable.
  3. Socks (crew socks). Short socks are the first choice in summer. That is cool, comfortable and beautiful. What to pay attention to when choosing socks: it will not slip off. The more annoying thing about short socks is that they are easy to slip off, and they are worn under the feet. Choose socks with wavy patterns at the mouth of the socks, which is generally not easy to happen.
  4. calf socks. Tube socks are “four season socks” for some people (generally you can choose to wear tube socks in all seasons). The choice of tube socks should pay attention to: the choice of patterns on the socks. (The material is mentioned above) Because the sock tube of your stockings is to be exposed, it must match your pants.
  5. stockings. There are not many people who choose stockings. People who choose stockings do it partly for exercise and partly for keeping warm. (Long socks are really warm to wear in winter) The choice of stockings should pay attention to the material: choose sports, quick-drying; keep warm, choose fleece. Boden Discount Code


  • The above is just a personal opinion
  • When buying socks online, if you think one is good, you can buy from which store

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How to draw socks with simple strokes; simple drawing of socks

Socks, worn on the feet, can not only keep warm and absorb sweat, but also play a decorative role. If they are matched properly, they can even have a finishing touch. Let me share with you the simple strokes of socks, which are easy to learn and easy to draw, especially suitable for children to learn.

  1. First draw the outline of a sock from top to bottom, from left to right
  2. Then draw a line on top to close the two sides
  3. Next to the first sock, draw another line of the same length as before
  4. Then draw the outline of the other sock below
  5. Draw simple patterns on the inside of the two socks
  6. Finally, color the work and the sock is finished
  • Beginners are advised to draw with a pencil so that changes can be made.
  • When coloring, you can change the socks to other colors you like

How to organize socks Stack socks Socks can be stacked like this

Do you find that there are too many socks and you can’t find another one when you put them together, or the socks are messy or even knotted when you put them together, let me share an effective way to organize socks, so that you no longer worry about messy socks Feel distressed, if you feel good, please don’t hesitate to support

  1. First of all, lay out the socks to be sorted as shown in the figure below
  2. Align the two socks and stack them together as shown in the picture below
  3. Fold from the toe of the sock to the heel of the sock at one-third of the overall length of the sock as shown in the picture below
  4. At the same time, fold the other side of the sock to the other side as shown in the figure below, taking one-third of the overall length of the sock as the dividing point
  5. After folding, pick up the sock, use the outermost layer of the sock mouth, pinch the inner side of the sock mouth with your hand, and pull the sock mouth open with the other hand, as shown in the figure below Pretty Little Thing Discount Code NHS


  1. Turn the opened outer sock opening outward to enclose the entire sock as shown in the picture below
  2. After turning over the socks, wrap the whole sock inside like dumpling stuffing, tidy the corners a little, then the socks will be tidied up, the tidied socks are as shown in the picture
  3. Let’s take a look at the socks I folded. Are the socks neat? Don’t worry about the problem of finding or knitting socks! Although there are a lot of steps, the actual operation is very simple. After you get familiar with it, you can fold a pair of socks in 10 seconds! 

How to fold socks How to store socks How to fold socks

How to fold socks? People who are careless in life always like to lose their socks. If they can store socks well, then they can avoid the embarrassment of always one by one. The editor teaches you how to fold socks, the most practical way to fold socks, come and see.

  1. Have your socks ready to be folded (the method I teach works for all types of socks).
  2. One more word of complaint, you need to buy pure cotton socks, the way to tell is here:
  3. Fold the heel part inward (ignore this step for straight socks) 90s Fahion


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