Food supplements : Properties and benefits

Food supplement

Food supplements for the diet can be thought of as concentrated sources of nutrients. They are utilized for physiological or nutritional reasons, particularly to make up for dietary deficits that could exist. This term frequently relates to persons who adhere to certain diets. However, their uses are wider and more widespread still. Here is what you need to know about the benefits of food supplements, their properties and their uses.

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What is a food supplement?

As its name suggests, a dietary food supplement is not intended to replace a regular diet. He completes it. Also called “nutritional supplement”, its purpose is to provide vitamins, minerals and other active ingredients to the consumer. All this, in addition to those present in the diet. Among these food supplements, some are more natural than others.

And this, in order to best preserve your health.
The French government has outlined a clear definition of what a dietary supplement is since March 2006. It is also feasible to specify what it must include thanks to this framework. Therefore, whether consumed alone or in combination, dietary supplements are regarded as foodstuffs that have a physiological or nutritional impact food supplement in Pakistan.

Characteristics of food supplements

A dietary supplement is, by definition, a concentrated supply of one or more nutrients. A diverse and balanced diet should still be consumed. It frequently only applies to particular circumstances, life stages, goals, or disorders (pregnancy, menopause, childhood, etc.). Self-medication is highly advised against owing to the possibility of product overdose.

Food supplements are relatively new items, and the health issues that have dogged humanity for generations are what led to their introduction to the market. For example, we can cite scurvy, a disease linked to a lack of vitamin C. Food supplements have therefore been developed to prevent these health problems. They now work in a variety of fields, including health, shape, attractiveness, and tone. Additionally, thousands of them are readily available on the market.

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A dietary supplement’s main function is to complement a diet.

Our body uses what we ingest as fuel. By doing so, it may ensure that not only our brain functions properly but also muscles and the heart. Therefore, dietary supplements and food both have a crucial function. Both our physical and emotional wellbeing are impacted by them. Their impacts also have an impact on our mental health and stress levels best food supplement in Pakistan.

Natural dietary supplement versus synthetic supplement

Natural food supplements come from the plants, fruits, vegetables and foods that nature provides. Synthetic supplements are developed in laboratories. You should also be aware that herbal therapy (phototherapy) is administered through natural dietary supplements (2).

To maximize their consumption and absorption, we thus employ plants and some of their components (flowers, fruits, roots, etc.), which are powdered and added to capsules. of their active ingredients (3) . Their structure and the amount of active substances and other nutrients remain unchanged. Food supplements are then chosen according to the claims attributed by science to their consumption (4)

The advantages of dietary supplements are mostly due to their active components.

The main reason food supplements work is that they contain active substances. These active ingredients are present in natural goods such as plants, vegetables, fruits, etc. What are these active ingredients used for?

Vitamin C, vitamin D, magnesium, calcium, omega 3, 6 and 9, minerals, iron, antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols, gingerly, guanine, caffeine, cur cumin… You have often heard of these different active ingredients without really knowing what they were serving.

This is essential for choosing the right food supplement. The amount of active chemicals in a product impacts both the recommended dose for the product as well as how effective it is. In terms of the effectiveness of a product, it all depends on the active ingredients and their concentration.

Supplements with powerful active ingredients

The amount of active chemicals in a product impacts both the recommended dose for the product as well as how effective it is. Some people find them to be quite potent and even dangerous, especially if we abuse them. It is crucial to review the list of potential contraindications before purchasing or ingesting a dietary food supplement. As well as its possible side effects.

Always adhere to the dosages listed on the box or those that your doctor has prescribed. Don’t go above the suggested length of cure, and leave enough time between each phase of cure. Last but not least, avoid combining dietary food supplements unless you are certain that they work well together.

Use these pointers to complement your diet responsibly. Of course, visit a doctor and cease your therapy if side effects develop or if you experience an unexpected reaction.

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