Five best social platform to increase the business growth

business growth

There are different best social media platforms which is mainly used for businesses which includes the Facebook which is one of the best social media tool and media by which the performance of the business could be enhanced.  This mainly inclusive observation that the Facebook advertisement usually able to target the customers in which they willing and ready to purchase their products and services and attract the customers.

There are different ways in economics dissertation topics by which it is easier for the business to choose a social media platform and media which is mainly related to the specification of their content type.  This mainly includes micro content and micro content by which they can engage their customers and increase the effectiveness of their businesses through the consideration of YouTube for video content, Apple podcast for audio and the WordPress content for their long term blogging. Following are the five of the best social media platform for business growth


Facebook is not considered as the newest or the coolest social media platform but this is largely dependent upon the social media site in which there are millions of users which are active in relation to the consideration of their business activities and for entertainment.  There are about 51% of the individuals in business dissertation topics who are using Facebook for their effective working in their businesses and there are about 23% of the individuals who are using Facebook for entertainment. It is important for the businesses to consider the wealth features of their business and promote their products and services through Facebook according to eight which mainly includes consideration of providing the ability of connecting the great number of customers with their diverse background of the business.  There are different effective and unique features of Facebook which can be offered to the businesses includes the targeting the digital advertisement platform by which the business is usually able to target their customers according to their willing.


The Instagram is another social media platform which is why is non-negotiable platform which is mainly used by the business owners and other different individuals for the promotion of the products and services and for entertainment.  It is easier for the individuals and the businesses to determine that whether Instagram is suitable for the promotion of their products and services or not.  This mainly includes that the demographic of Instagram it’s considered in order to target the younger generation and customers because 72% of the teenagers are using Instagram and 67% of the Instagram is used for business purpose by young adults who are under the age group of 30 till 45. There are about ¼ of the individuals who are using Instagram for the business purpose under the age group of 50 till 65 in which they usually dependent upon the demographic changes and it also considers that Instagram is used 43% in comparison with Facebook which ultimately generates that 42% of the high income can be earned through the usage of Instagram on daily basis.


This platform is usually developed for the business purpose in which the employment based social media platform is effective to use for the growth of business.  This mainly includes that there are about 300 million users of LinkedIn who usually consider that this platform is used by four times greater customers in comparison with Facebook and Instagram.  The new feed of LinkedIn is not competitive because this provide much gain in comparison with Facebook and Instagram in order to operate the business. There are about 51% of the college students who are using LinkedIn for getting the employment in the form of internships and job. This social media platform is providing different opportunities for the audience and ultimately improves the networking of the individuals by way the businesses could improve their performance and make the job easier.


The effective social media tool which is used for the growth of business includes Twitter which has the total active users of about 3:30 million all over the world.  This social media channel is considered all time social media platform by which individuals and businesses can send the direct messages to the customers from all over the world. This platform is used to engage the target customer in which one business can’t wait up to 280 character which ultimately allows them to create the ability of short graph and advertise their products and services by using this channel. There are about 26% of the users who are between the age group of 30 till 49 who are using Twitter for the promotion of their products and services.

Twitter also promote the different accounts in veg there is the option on Twitter by which the brand can promote their products and services by using the Twitter feed in which they usually consists of certain trend by which the businesses and companies used to start the conversation among their target customers.

 Pin interest

The pin interest is another great social media platform which is mainly used to search information related to search engine capabilities. There are about 332 million users of pin interest currently active from all over the world in which most of the users includes women who are three times greater in comparison with men. 42% of the female are using pin interest for the promotion of the products and services of their business and there are about only 15% of the male who are using their social media platform in order to grow their business operations. High income is generated through pin interest in which 41% of the individuals are earning well by the regular use of pain interest which mainly includes that women can earn 30,000 till 80,000 with the growth of 27% by using the social media site for promoting their products and services. The best feature of this platform is the significant increased reach to the customers by which the woman can easily advertise on Pinterest which is the perfect brand association for the products and services we usually target other women through the image focus platform which is ideal for the fashion, decoration, art and food business.


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