Fashion Tips That Have Inspired Style for Years

fashion tips

Who said that there is a set rule to be followed when it comes to fashion! Anything that you feel comfortable wearing is fashion for you. For example, I recently searched for Pakistani wedding dresses for girls for fusion wear. For me, this is fashion.

But if you think that you are someone who always wants to look trendy, here are a couple of hacks stylists swear by:

Black Always Works!

Black should officially become the ‘color one can never go wrong with’. Because one never can, with black. No matter what the trend is, if you dress up in anything black, you will look chic and classy. The most basic black shirt and pants paired with chunky accessories can do the trick. Therefore, it is always a great idea to have a couple of black outfits in the wardrobe. They will be your companion in need.

The Right Combination

The price of your clothes is secondary. What is more important than the price tag is the combination that you are carrying. Trust me when I say that you can make the most expensive dress look horrendous if not worn the right way. And in the right way, I mean that if you do not pair it with the right pair of shoes, accessories, bag, lowers or uppers. You have to put your aesthetic sense to use to see what works well and what does not.

Many women spend thousands of bucks on their bags and shoes only to match them with an H&M top. See, the price of your clothes does not matter. The way you carry it does.

Handbag – Your Best Investment

This might seem debatable, but I believe that a handbag is a woman’s best investment. I say that this statement is debatable because many women think that a diamond is their best investment. Anyway, if you invest in a good designer bag (read: Hermes Birkin), you will be buying a piece that will last for years. And would not get out of fashion.

You can carry a designer bag after years of buying it as a vintage or classic as well. Stylists claim that a handbag is the most prized possession of a woman. And also the one that speaks volumes about her style.

Sunglasses in Every Season

If you take out your sunglasses in Summers, one question for you. Seriously? It’s not like the sun does not show up in Winters. So, no matter what the season, keep your sunglasses with you. Wear your shades to give yourself an uber-chic look. I cannot stress enough on how much wearing shades can make you look different. And in a good way.

I never let the Audrey Hepburn in me die. Wearing shades is something I religiously follow. I do not wear them on cloudy days. But you get my point, right?

Add Some Color to Your Look

Colors will always save your day if you use them the right way. For example, if you think that an outfit looks boring or something’s missing in it, add a hint of color. Like, some bright colored shoes. They will make up for the not-so-interesting attire. Similarly, you can also invest in bright-colored bags or accessories. If nothing else, a pop of color on your nails will also do. You will be amazed to see the huge amount of difference a nail color can make.

Less is More

I am not talking about clothes here. Less is more when it comes to your make-up and hairstyle. Do not go over-board with your make-up. It looks bad if nothing else. I have never seen someone who applied tons of make-up and still looked chic. If you are opting for a bright-colored lipstick or lip gloss, then do not add anything else from the makeup to your look.

Try to keep your hairstyle simple as well. Simple the better. A ponytail or basic curls are better than anything elaborate.

Ooze Confidence

No matter what you wear and how chic you look, if not done confidently, you won’t be able to make a style statement. Confidence is something you should wear everywhere. No matter the day, no matter the occasion. Be a boss lady, wear everything with the belief that you look perfect.

Even if you wear Eastern women party wear dresses, carry it with style and confidence. It is the belief that you hold in yourself that shows and makes people believe in your potential.

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